Boost the success of your engineering projects: with reliable processes and agile teamwork

Make teamwork that is agile yet at the same time reliable standard procedure with Project Office. Achieve agreed results within the defined schedule and budgetary framework. The principle: creating synergies between planning via key milestones and agile project work. We call this hybrid project management. Planning, controlling and implementation are no longer performed separately but instead go hand in hand.

The benefits for management and teams

  • Find the optimum combination of agility and reliability using hybrid methodology
  • For enterprise-wide project organizations
  • Speed up processes
  • Better team performance
  • Better data for project control
Study by the "Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement": 3 of the 4 main challenges in projects

Find the optimum combination of agility and reliability using hybrid methodolgy

You know the story: Conventional tools with sophisticated scheduling functions, on the one hand, and ever more modern collaboration tools, on the other. One thing is clear: Projects that do not always run according to the book are successful if planning, control and monitoring work hand-in-hand. This is what is meant by hybrid project management with Project Office. A place where project managers can directly see the progress of the project. And where the planning specifications for the teams are an immediate component of their information environment.

Provide support for planning and execution in equal measure
Your project managers can create a traditional planning framework using tried-and-tested methods and directly see the progress of the project. Use templates, Gantt charts and the teams’ planned specifications to do this. Provide your project teams with support in the form of agile tools like activity streams and task boards when performing tasks that bring added value.

Organize projects enterprise-wide

Your company wants to undertake reliable projects that use best practices and observe all compliance regulations. How can your project organization achieve that when you often have to deal with hundreds of projects in distributed teams that are sometimes working across the globe?

Enterprise class infrastructure
The prerequisite is a properly prepared infrastructure. Starting with web access using state-of-the-art HTML5 technology, through multilingual GUIs, multi-project and multi-program support, comprehensive template mechanisms and on to a high-performance security and permissions system. Project Office is precisely this enterprise class infrastructure for your project organization.

Speed up your processes with digital workflows

Projects depend on the right timing. It is becoming increasingly important for staff to be able to work together unhindered. A vital module that makes this possible is digital workflows. These do two very important things by providing immediate information on impending tasks and, wherever possible, supporting parallel processing. Because no paper is involved and all the current information (product, project and change records) is available to all stakeholders in digital form.

Make your teams even more efficient

Agile teams and enterprises focus on value added and achieve this with less administrative overhead. The project plan provides a lightweight outline structure. And the teams record and manage the often immense volume of information items such as documents, issues, discussions or markups in a decentralized way in their own areas of responsibility. Here, the top-down and bottom-up approaches work together hand-in-hand.

Information logistics that gives staff what they need
Thanks to its high-performance information logistics, Project Office makes the right information available at the right time and in the right place. You can even map the structure of the product to be delivered by the project. Present user stories directly in the project backlog or on the task board of the teams. And connect open issues and comments directly with the deliverables.

Control your projects with better data

Given the large number of different projects, the best way to support management is to use the principles of management by exception and drill-down. Automatically focus attention on the genuinely problematic projects and risks with key figures such as earned value, milestone trends and FMEA. And help controllers and management to make well-informed assessments by revealing underlying causes almost at the touch of a button.

Real-time controlling
Project Office supplies the necessary data and reports and, by integrating planning and implementation, ensures that controlling functions as it should in real time.

The seamless integration of project and documentation management was a vital factor in our choice of Project Office.
Jan Poppendieck, Head of the ICE 3 redesign project at DB Fernverkehr AG

Everything to make your project a success – powered by CONTACT Elements

Powered by CONTACT Elements means: You use the world's most modern platform and technology to manage and complete your engineering projects. Project Office supports you with a comprehensive portfolio of applications and best practices. Flexible like Lego, CONTACT Elements' modular design principle stands for solutions that are far more than the sum of their parts: each impressive in its own right – combined outstanding!

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