Advantages for enterprises and employees

  • Use status monitoring for results of guaranteed validity
  • Control operating sequences with workflows and Task Manager and cut lead times
  • Combine process standards with agile elements to create processes that work well in practice

Use status monitoring for results of guaranteed validity

Data and process management are the core tasks of product lifecycle management. In this context, guaranteed validity, for example at the level of documents and articles, is one key requirement if all employees are to be able to access the right information at the right time. Suitable status networks and status monitoring make sure that this is the case.

Status transitions and status networks
Status networks can be described as a succession of states that information objects, such as documents, must pass through during their lifecycle – e.g. from redaction through release and on to deactivation. At the same time, a comprehensive roles and permissions system ensures that only authorized employees can become active. If you wish, you can also link status monitoring to a digital signature in order to comply with standards and legal obligations.

Control operating sequences with workflows and Task Manager and cut your lead times

Process management permits the directly executable mapping of procedures and guidelines – e.g. in accordance with the V model, Spice, APQP etc. You can use project templates to define suitable workflows and task structures. The structures can be developed from templates or be individually defined on an ad hoc basis. During this operation, the work contents, such as documents or parts, can be directly linked and made accessible. The advantages: a reliable approach combined with faster digital procedures that considerably reduce lead times. At the same time, you will also comply with regulatory requirements through the system-based logging of upcoming and completed tasks. We call this principle of in-process documentation "compliance in process".  

Task Manager as universal cockpit
Task Management is the central cockpit for the current tasks and all the information that is associated with them. Your employees benefit from a personal view of their tasks and direct access to the context data such as parts, documents, etc. In addition, Enterprise Collaboration can be used to integrate partners and suppliers in your processes and tasks easily and reliably.

Task Manager provides access to parts, documents and activities

Use agile elements to make process standards more suitable for practical implementation

CONTACT's Process Management guarantees reliable operating sequences by means of process standards and rule-based workflows. It is complemented by agile elements and methods such as open issues, decentralized planning, autonomous organization and activity streams. In this way, you can combine a reliable framework for your innovation, development and industrialization processes with agile elements and also benefit from clear interfaces to the decentralized activity levels to make your planning even more reliable.

Combining reliable processes with agility: Plan specifications, tasks and information at a glance

Related Elements

Fulfilling requirements to the letter

Document ideal procedures in a digital library

Use proven methods and sets of guidelines such as CAPA, 8D or APQP

Give your employees a way to apply process-related knowledge easily and reliably

Manage tasks, standardize and accelerate processes and meet regulatory requirements

Map and standardize recurring processes as process templates

Speed up processes and ensure compliance

Direct integration in task and project management


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