Advantages for enterprises and employees

  • Systematic frontloading with the right ideas and initiatives
  • Structure and anchor portfolios operationally
  • Monitor portfolio elements throughout the entire lifecycle

Achieve systematic frontloading with the right ideas and initiatives

The starting point for portfolio management is suitable ideas and initiatives. It is a simple task for your employees to record their ideas, process them step-by-step, evaluate them and track them throughout the entire process. You can adapt the criteria for the evaluation system to meet your strategic orientation and product portfolio even without any programming knowledge. Utility analyses, opportunity/risk analyses and strategic evaluations of the portfolio provide you with a solid basis for deciding whether or not to implement ideas.

Implementation of ideas and strategic aims
Because the ideas are integrated in the product and project context, you can pass them on directly to the normal development process. This integration means that ideas can be used directly in the downstream product development process, such as requirements management, engineering change management and project management. Map ideas to concrete portfolio or product requirements and evaluate their significance for achieving strategic goals on the basis of portfolio reports.

Process and evaluate ideas systematically

Structure portfolios and anchor them at the operational level

The management of the product and project portfolio reflects the enterprise's innovation and development strategy. Transparency, clarity and a direct link to the operational development functions are vital here. The Portfolio Navigator is intuitive to use and allows you to record and manage the elements in your product or project portfolio. Organize these in a way that reflects your business structure to provide all stakeholders with both direct access and clarity.

Monitor portfolio elements throughout their lifecycle

Portfolio Management helps you to track and document your portfolio strategy. Broken down by sector and product program, you can track the objectives at ideas, requirements or project level. Selected indicators relating to maturity level, status and earned value give all stakeholders a clear view of the level to which the corresponding targets have been achieved on the basis of the associated completion value. If necessary, you can also link this to the project and product perspective on the basis of the maturity level in the product lifecycle.

A clear overview of the degree of completion, cost and time efficiency

Related Elements

Turning Ideas into Successful Products

Involve employees and customers in innovation initiatives

Reliable innovation process and information hub to exploit the full potential of ideas and suggestions

Make well-informed decisions based on systematic evaluations

Control the implementation of ideas in combination with requirements, product and project management.

Control customer processes from offer through to after-sales

Control customer processes directly throughout project planning and product development operations

Find better ways for sales, project planning and product development staff to work together

Document agreements reached with the customer and manage discrepancies and changes

Efficiently merge, edit and release product data for publication

Enable customers and partners to access the product portfolio

Automatically merge product data from sources such as ERP and PLM

Publish product information simply and securely

Automatically combine data, text and images to create online and print content

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