Advantages for enterprises and employees

  • Calculate product variants and their costs quickly and efficiently
  • Define sales targets for optimum costing and increasing the profitability of products
  • Reliably adhere to project budgets

Calculate product variants and their costs quickly and efficiently

Product Costing supports product cost management in the early lifecycle phases of your products. Using this module, you can produce your costing for requested or commissioned product variants based on a set of components. With the variant matrix in Product Costing, you can generate, filter and view all the product variants quickly and easily in a clearly structured table. This is based on the maximum BOM for the main modules and assembly steps. The material and individual manufacturing costs of the product variants are totaled automatically across the assigned component quantities.

Variant matrix supports product cost management in the early phases

Define sales targets for optimum pricing and increase product profitability

In a similar way to the variant matrix, the sales matrix gives you a quick and easy way to define the sales quantities needed for a requested or planned product variant so that the optimum price for the desired profit margin can be determined. This is done on the basis of estimated development, production and sales costs and the estimated revenue. Ongoing controlling continuously checks whether the desired profit margin can still be achieved on the basis of the current cost estimates, the defined sales quantities and the defined sales price.

Cost and revenue management
Based on the production costs defined via the product configuration and the sales plan, as well as on the breakdown of the project costs, you can automatically calculate all the product costs and sales prices. All the results calculated for all the objects entering into the calculation – product components, product variant, sales unit and project – are available to you together with a version history for further evaluation.  Use the integrated product cost calculation to increase product profitability across the entire product lifecycle.

ROI report on product profitability across the entire lifecycle

Reliably adhere to project budgets

Ongoing recording of project costs
As an integral component of the Product Costing module for the configured products, Project costing also allows you to break down project costs in the way you need in order to determine the economic efficiency of the project – and not as the ERP system demands. Take advantage of ongoing cost recording in your project: Plan the work effort directly in Work Breakdown and synchronize this automatically in Cost Breakdown. With Project Costing, you track all the project costs over time and are able to compare the current nominal, planned and actual costs. This prevents budget overshoots.

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Keep an eye on your indicators and the success of actions taken at all times

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