Advantages for Enterprises and Employees

  • Define indicators simply – monitor progress and increase performance
  • Define target values for product attributes and record actions to be taken in the event of discrepancies
  • Keep an overview with KPI Cockpit


Define indicators for products, projects and processes to improve your performance

Metrics & Reporting gives you an extremely simple way of defining indicators and KPIs for any PLM business objects and business processes. When you define an indicator, you can decide whether the actual values are to be entered manually by the users or calculated automatically.

Monitoring progress and increasing performance
Use indicators such as time- and cost-efficiency (for instance in an earned-value analysis - EVA) to provide a transparent overview of the status of the project at any time in terms of time, costs and quality. You can also use indicators to measure your performance in a wide range of areas: Monitor the average turnaround time of your engineering changes or the success rate at which new ideas are converted into development projects. Comprehensive analysis and evaluation capabilities help you to improve your performance specifically in the areas being monitored.

Crucial PLM value: Monitor and improve the turnaround time for ECs

Specify target values for product attributes and record actions to be taken in the event of discrepancies

Define targets for specific product attributes such as manufacturing costs, weight, limit values for emissions or the use of certain materials and constantly monitor the extent to which the targets are achieved or the fulfillment levels. You can automatically aggregate the values for the particular product attributes using the product structure.

Integrated action management
One particular performance feature of Metrics is the possibility of defining actions if recorded values deviate from the target specifications. Record actions with the predicted effect on the achievement of the target and the costs associated with them. This allows you to perform a comprehensive analysis of which combination of actions will enable the target to be achieved at the lowest possible cost. You can constantly monitor the success of the actions. Metrics is an extremely powerful instrument, above all for the controlling of values that are critical to success, such as constraints on product weight or manufacturing costs.

Design to X: Systematic controlling ensures compliance with specified target values

Keep an eye on your indicators and the success of actions taken at all times

Comprehensive KPI management requires suitable visualization of the objects and processes being monitored: This includes the ability to display the evolution of the value over time, to evaluate the relationships between many different parameters and to compare objects and processes. Metrics & Reporting provides comprehensive support in this respect, offering easy-to-read charts and simple operation. The key features of the KPI Cockpit include role- and person-specific indicators, simple sorting and filtering options, visualization of the current extent to which the target has been achieved, direct entry of planned target ranges and cost fluctuations associated with the actions taken.

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