CONTACT is the leading vendor of software for the product engineering process and the digital transformation. Companies become faster and teams collaborate better.
Karl Heinz Zachries
Founder and CEO

Get to know us and our mission


CONTACT Software was founded in 1990 by Karl Heinz Zachries. His objectives from those early days remain our objectives of today: making complex product data more accessible and connecting employees across technical and organizational boundaries.

Pioneering spirit

CONTACT is a pioneer of innovative operating concepts and, with CIM Database, has set standards for a new generation of PDM/PLM systems. Of AgileRules, a methodology for development projects that allows objectives to be achieved more reliably. And of CONTACT Workspaces for more efficient collaboration between teams and companies.


This pioneering spirit, our independence and open technologies form the very DNA of our company. These roots, together with deeply committed employees, customers and partners, have made CONTACT the world's leading independent vendor of standard software for the product engineering process and its digital transformation.

We connect people, teams and companies

Our mission: Energizing great minds, Instead of rigid systems, we create a working world in which employees can concentrate their skills on providing better products and services. Where collaboration runs more smoothly, processes become more efficient and routine work becomes easier. And where a guiding framework provides both the security and freedom that allows agile interaction between individuals and teams in complex projects.

A Retrospective on 30 Years of CONTACT Software
CONTACT Software celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2020. Founder and CEO Karl Heinz Zachries looks back on the early years, the biggest hurdles and key milestones and reveals what has shaped the CONTACT spirit.

We help agile companies achieve their objectives faster

We live in a world of innovative companies that are working on the products of the future each and every day. And which are putting the digital transformation to smarter products into motion. But existing monolithic systems are cumbersome. Our customers expect us to deliver open, modular architectures. That is why we developed CONTACT Elements as the platform for our standard products. So that you can make faster use of the solution appropriate for your company and respond more flexibly to new challenges.

Our customers are champions

Our customers enjoy success throughout the world with their innovative products because they nurture and develop their own special skills. They therefore expect advice from their equals. We focus on what is really important to our customers and helps carry them forward. We believe that we truly understand our customers. Our objective is to enable customers to fully exploit their potential by means of standards and best practices for their industry.


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