Advantages for enterprises and employees

  • Integrated project and document management and best practices for documentation
  • In-process documentation avoids time-consuming subsequent rework
  • Automatically generate documentation of deliverables

Use integrated project and document management and best practices to make documentation easy

Integrated project and document management and a link to the product data are key features of CONTACT Elements. The Documentation module ensures that comprehensive project and product documentation and documentation of deliverables that meets customer and regulatory requirements can easily be made available. CONTACT Elements and Documentation not only provide you with support when editing or making content available but also help you define workflows and how to achieve the desired project results.

Project and document templates define project structures
Project documentation cannot be created until the needed information is available. It is, however, often the case that this information is not available in a readily accessible form but exists only in the heads of the employees or in local directories. You can avoid this situation by integrating the required project artifacts, such as checklists, forms, etc. , in your project templates as deliverables. In combination with workflows and allocating tasks to the appropriate employees, you can use project and document templates to structure your projects in the context of best practices.

The perfect combination of document and project management enables simple documentation

Integrate documentation in the project plan and avoid reworking

Project documentation often fails because collecting the information from different sources is demanding in terms of time and effort. If, on the other hand, you use document templates to structure your projects, the project documentation can be created from the project structure plan using the templates stored for the completion of tasks. The deliverable documents are stored directly in the projects and are available in a structured form along with all the relevant information, such as status, change information, reference to the product, metadata, etc.

Single source of truth – all the documents in a single system
The principle of a single source of truth makes creating documentation much easier. When you document degrees of completion and evaluations, make changes to planning, work through checklists and store documents, everything is done in one and the same system. This means that all relevant data and documents are available in a single source directly in the project. The project documentation grows automatically during the course of the project – or can at least be gathered together easily. You can use filter and grouping functions to quickly and easily collate your project documentation and avoid subsequent time-consuming modifications.

Automate the documentation of results

To create your final documentation, you need to collate a wide variety of information, from contracts to requirements specifications, guidelines, change requests, logs and reports. Save yourself the effort involved with performing this task manually and use Documentation to collate all the required documents automatically. To do this, you can configure the system to gather together certain documents and, at the touch of a button, collate all the necessary project or product documentation, or the documentation requested by the customer or regulatory authorities, to create a comprehensive final document.

Intelligent document logistics: organizing and utilizing enterprise-wide know-how easily and securely

Managing, utilizing and ensuring the availability of documents are key tasks in any company. In view of the vast number of documents, interfaces and systems involved, conventional archives on network drives or in e-mail systems lead to a dead end. CONTACT’s document management system provides a clear overview using intelligent document logistics – even in complex processes – while at the same time supporting team work.

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Processes: simultaneously fast, agile and reliable

Use status monitoring for results of guaranteed validity

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Combine process standards with agile elements to create processes that work well in practice

Intelligent document logistics: organizing and utilizing know-how enterprise wide

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Protect valuable know-how

Speed up test and release processes

Comply with regulatory requirements much more easily

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