SOA/Web Services


SOA/Web Services


Communicate between a wide range of different IT systems and integrate enterprise applications

Communicate between a wide range of different IT systems and integrate enterprise applications

Advantages for enterprises and employees

  • Achieve enterprise-wide process coverage and extended interoperability despite heterogeneous IT landscape
  • Cross-system data provision for enterprise applications
  • Implement new digital business models in the Internet of Things

Implement enterprise-wide process coverage

Increasing digitalization and the use of high-performance IT solutions in growing numbers of application fields represent both a challenge and an opportunity. Take advantage of the transformation process to bring about the problem-free interaction of your various individual systems within even heterogeneous IT landscapes. CONTACT's Catalyst integration platform supports enterprise-wide process coverage and ensures enhanced interoperability. Thanks to the open concept behind our CONTACT Elements platform, you can integrate additional systems at any time and respond to new requirements with appropriate adaptations and extensions. 

SOA and Web Services as the basis for end-to-end processes
Dedicated Web Service interfaces, state-of-the-art IT protocols and adapters for the integration of legacy technologies form the basis for cross-system process flows. In combination with the integration of other SOA platforms, standards for process synchronization and mechanisms for process and data consistency, Catalyst and SOA/Web Services ensure the seamless integration of your enterprise applications and secure communication between the systems.

Extended interoperability with CONTACT's Catalyst integration platform

Make data available across systems for your enterprise applications

SOA/Web Services supports the integration of enterprise applications across the entire environment, from CAD systems, PLM/ERP backbones, collaboration portals and mobile services through to Cloud-based services and IoT services. Application data is made available reliably across systems and processes are controlled securely: from status information to the regulation of access to data, documents and services right through to the export/import of structures such as projects or engineering changes. You benefit from high data quality, reduced duplicates, controlled redundancy and automated processes.

Problem-free workflows for practical operation
To prepare an offer, a member of the sales team needs to access drawings from Engineering and prices from Purchasing; the design engineer wants to see suppliers' CAD data and the master data for externally procured parts; once the order has been secured, Work Preparation is automatically informed and the BOMs and engineering drawings are there ready and waiting; Controlling can access working times and costs for reports; the project manager benefits from a range of information on project progress. Just a few example scenarios that show that problem-free, cross-system processes are the life blood of product development – that is what SOA/Web Services is all about.

Integrate enterprise applications from CAD to PLM/ERP to Cloud and IoT with SOA/Web Services

Implement new digital business models in the Internet of Things

CONTACT Elements for IoT is our platform that allows you to implement new digital business models. In conjunction with state-of-the-art open source components, the platform is characterized by an open, distributed architecture. Its open design allows a high level of flexibility and interoperability. It creates the foundation upon which you can build and expand your infrastructure for new business models. With Elements for IoT, different components can be integrated reliably and efficiently to create a powerful overall system.

Predictive maintenance with the digital twin
One typical IoT application takes the form of the digital twin. This digital copy of a product or system develops continuously in step with its physical counterpart. The data represents the current configuration and maintenance status of, for example, your delivered machine in real-life operation. This includes the machine's current sensor data as well as function logs, error logs and the associated software versions. On the basis of this data, you can, for example, identify the need for maintenance, replacement parts or software updates at the machine and undertake the practical work yourself or initiate this automatically. With Elements for IoT, you can implement economical IoT applications quickly and reliably. 


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