Understanding customers and fostering their potential

Our customers are successful worldwide with their innovative products because they cultivate and develop their special competencies. We help to maximize their potential through best practices and excellent software. Our solutions enable companies to accelerate their processes and projects, reduce routine effort and errors, improve results and meet regulatory obligations with less effort. They are also particularly cost-efficient because they can be easily adapted to future requirements.

The industries in which our solutions are at home.

Automotive & Mobility

Manage complex projects with agility. Make processes more efficient. Collaborate more closely with partners and suppliers. Connect locations worldwide. And work together with your customers on the mobility solutions of the future.

Mechanical & Plant Engineering

Combine reliability and innovation in a dynamic environment. Participate in regional and global networks. Couple targeted methodologies with an agile approach. Exploit the potential of industrial digitalization.

Medical Engineering

Develop products that help people. Meet stringent regulatory requirements with less effort. Master the complexity of interdisciplinary development processes.

High-Tech & Electronics

Smart support for smart products: The interaction between mechanical, electronic and software engineering; and therefore interdisciplinary project, process and quality management.

Consumer Products

Extremely rapid pace of innovation, customized series products and growing price pressure. Identify market trends and turn them in successful products. Shape processes digitally. Progress to series ramp-up with fewer changes despite increasing product complexity.

Logistics & Infrastructure

Building and maintaining value for the community. This means building digital representations of complex infrastructures and providing support for their entire lifecycle, from project planning, through operation and right up to maintenance.

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