Roll out information systems using an efficient, agile approach

The ideal way to ensure problem-free IT implementation projects is to combine both conventional and agile methods – in other words, neither planning everything down to the last detail nor pursuing a purely agile approach. Our hybrid project model combines reliable project planning with clearly-focused agile implementation. We start by installing our standard software as a test instance for the entire implementation project in a preliminary phase. Implementation is performed in iterative sprints. 

Manage and implement projects reliably with user stories and tests

We use user stories and continuous testing to manage project implementation. While users are becoming familiar with new system, new and changed requirements are recorded with concrete user stories and implemented once there is a clear understanding of the detailed specification. We quickly establish updates as the everyday norm. An automated test of the entire system is performed after every update. This approach makes it possible to ensure optimal specification and quality assurance of the new system.

Use change management to actively involve employees

A major factor influencing project success is change management. It is vital that support be provided in the context of cultural change to ensure that project goals can be communicated to employees, new ways of working are accepted and their advantages can be made clear. We show you how to involve multipliers and key users as mentors and ambassadors. If required, we also provide you with support when it comes to developing internal project communication using marketing measures.

Success factors

Achieve more together

Partnership is the principle that guides everything we do. This means communicating and interacting as equals rather than one party imposing something on the other. We listen to our customers carefully to ensure that we can better understand their needs and are able to act in an agile manner. Our project teams' passionate commitment to maximizing our customers' potential is an expression of CONTACT's unique spirit – and underscores our maxim "Energizing great minds".

Internal communication via project marketing

As part of our change management process, we offer our customers free project marketing support for internal communication. This can involve providing a communication concept, or it can take a more concrete format, such as posters, flyers or intranet posts that present the project, including the approach being used, the objectives and the benefits. It is crucial that you use targeted project communication to address all those involved directly, ensure acceptance and eliminate any potential obstacles by also persuading possible critics.  

Methods expertise ranging from conventional to agile

Our hybrid project model is characterized by the fact that it combines the advantages of both conventional and agile methods. Our project managers are familiar with the ins and outs of both approaches and are trained in accordance with the leading international standards. They are GPM/IPMA-certified and trained and experienced Scrum masters and product owners. Our process management experts are Novaccess-certified business process managers.

Automate testing and derive documentation

Within the framework of implementation projects, we rely on modular customizing, which we validate with automated testing performed with the Validation Kit. It makes integrated quality assurance possible while at the same time providing comprehensive project documentation. The Validation Kit provides transparency and traceability with precise, natural language descriptions of tests. Each test involves comparing the current implemented status of the project with the target state. This ensures problem-free updates, independent maintainability and the highest possible level of quality for your system.

Shared platform ensures transparency

We use our new customer and partner portal Aloha as the shared platform for roll-out. Aloha ensures that the implementation project is always synchronized with subprojects, current tasks, open issues and teams. Open issues no longer have to be sent by e-mail – they provide a transparent representation of the project status to everyone in the system. All project members have access to all project-related documents and communicate efficiently using the shared project-related Activity Stream. 

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