Advantages for enterprises and employees

  • Map and standardize recurring processes as process templates
  • Speed up processes and ensure compliance
  • Direct integration in task and project management

Using process templates for recurring processes

The graphical Workflow Designer makes it easy to map and display workflows. Regardless of whether you want to map sequential or parallel processes, integrate system tasks in the workflow or inform a certain group of people about the successful completion of a task, Workflow Designer allows you to model different types of tasks and individual sequences simply and flexibly. You can also provide templates that ensure that processes meet regulatory and best practice requirements.

Controlling technical changes reliably and flexibly with workflow templates
The engineering change process is defined as the sequence of engineering change request (ECR), engineering change order (ECO) and engineering change notification (ECN). The evaluation and processing of a technical change often requires collaboration between multiple departments and technical disciplines. Workflow templates that are specifically designed for change management help create these highly collaborative processes within a company efficiently and reliably.

Workflow Designer allows recurring processes to be mapped as process templates quickly and easily

Using tasks, workflows and digital signatures to speed up processes and ensure compliance

The review and approval of documents usually involves employees from different departments who perform different functions, such as creating and reviewing the content. CONTACT Workflow allows you to make these tasks available to authorized persons with the respective function and role together with a deadline by which the task is in question needs to be completed, and relevant context information such as document references. Use CONTACT Workflow as a first-class control instrument within the framework of status control and progress monitoring.

Using digital signatures to ensure validity and legal compliance 
Workflows are particularly well suited for controlled task allocation and approval procedures. In combination with CONTACT Digital Signatures, you can validate and speed up your processes: Special signature tasks ensure that the persons involved can digitally sign the document to be reviewed in a single work step, thus enabling processes to be handled quickly while at the same time ensuring validity and legal compliance. All the employees involved are automatically informed when documents are approved. In-process documentation ensures end-to-end audit-trail capability – what we call compliance in process.

Validate and speed up verification and approval procedures with signature tasks and workflows

Directly accessing data and documents as part of the project processes

As soon as they can be processed, workflow tasks are displayed in the list of tasks to be completed and sorted according to their due date – just like any other task. This means that employees can keep track of the tasks they have to complete, the chronological order in which they need to be completed, and the documents and context information needed to do this. Additional information is displayed in the detail area to ensure that the task context is not overlooked.

Related Elements

Fulfilling requirements to the letter

Document ideal procedures in a digital library

Use proven methods and sets of guidelines such as CAPA, 8D or APQP

Give your employees a way to apply process-related knowledge easily and reliably

Overview of all existing project tasks and direct access to context information

Use tasks to set the course for a smooth transition from project planning to implementation

Allow your project participants an optimal self-organization

Connect reliability with agility and keep track of the multi-project mode

Planning technical changes reliably, implementing them faster and ensuring traceable document them clearly

Accelerate change processes through digital workflows and standards

Simplify work with digital folders and Task Manager

Map change processes easily and flexibly and benefit from end-to-end documentation

Validate the analysis of technical changes using 3D models

Role-based, comprehensive regulation of access to project and product data along their processes, thus protecting know-how

Implement key requirements for know-how protection reliably throughout the entire company

Take advantage of the possibilities offered by a particularly powerful and dynamic rights system

Ensure validity control with reliable version management while at the same time providing support for collaboration

Verify documents and complex PLM objects faster and meet regulatory requirements

Speed up circulation procedures for verification and approval processes

Meet regulatory requirements and improve validity control and process reliability


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