Karl Heinz Zachries

Karl Heinz Zachries (*1960) founded CONTACT Software GmbH in 1990 shortly after completing his studies in information technology with special focus on software engineering. From a start-up with only three employees and a focus on CAD data management, he developed the company to become one of the market's leading PDM/PLM suppliers. His guiding principles are entrepreneurialism, responsibility for his employees, commitment to his customers and perseverance in achieving his aims.

Ralf Holtgrefe
Managing Director, Director Organization & Controlling

At CONTACT Software since 1990

Ralf Holtgrefe supervises the daily administrative and operational functions of CONTACT.

Maximilian Zachries
Managing Director, Director Sales

At CONTACT Software since 2007

Maximilian Zachries manages the acquisition of new customers and the relationship with existing customers across the globe.

Frank Patz-Brockmann
Director Software Development

At CONTACT Software since 1992

Frank Patz-Brockmann leads the product development and directs CONTACT's software innovation, architecture and engineering.

Dr. Udo Göbel
Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

At CONTACT Software since 2003

Dr. Udo Göbel leads the AI strategy of the CONTACT Group and is responsible for AI research and application.

Frank Steffens
Director Finance

At CONTACT Software since 2020

Frank Steffens takes care of all operative and strategic finance and performance subjects for all companies of the CONTACT Group.

Holger Horn
Chief Transformation Officer

At CONTACT Software since 2023

Holger Horn is responsible for the strategic transformation of the CONTACT Group to lay the organizational foundation for future growth.

Thomas König
Director Product Management & Consulting

At CONTACT Software since 1998

Thomas König is responsible for organizing the specification of CONTACT's product vision and defines the what and when of the products together with the software development teams.

Dr. Patrick Müller
Director Innovation Strategy

At CONTACT Software since 2013

Dr. Patrick Müller is responsible for the strategic innovation roadmap, aligned with research, software development an corporate decisions at CONTACT.

Dr. Andreas Müller
Director Marketing

At CONTACT Software since 2018

Dr. Andreas Müller is responsible for defining and executing CONTACT's communication strategy for its brands, products and service offerings.

Michael Küpper
Director CONTACT Consulting

At CONTACT Software since 2023

Michael Küpper supervises strategic and process consulting in customer projects. This covers project management and architecture, implementation, training, and support.


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