Advantages for enterprises and employees

  • Validate product development processes based on maturity levels
  • Stay informed about the progress of projects
  • Simplify employees' activities by means of individual dashboards


Validate your development processes based on maturity levels

Quality gates are usually entered in the product development plan. But how can you estimate whether you are still on track in developing the product or whether all the necessary deliverables will be ready on time? Thanks to key performance indicators (KPIs) and aggregated data, Controlling & Maturity Management helps gives you a rapid overview of product maturity levels at all times so that you can react in good time wherever problems threaten. You can define the KPIs yourself – for example for the fulfillment of functional requirements or demanded target criteria.

The maturity level is crucial for the management and modification of products
The system already contains standard maturity levels such as “Idea” or “Prototype” that allow you to track the development level of your products. Changes to requirements or engineering changes may mean that work has to be restarted on already released versions, which then have to pass through the maturity levels again. Thanks to the version management capability, the individual maturity levels can always be unambiguously assigned to a version. You can assign tasks and define processing sequences based on maturity levels such as “As Designed, As Detailed, As Built”.

Definition and traceability of standardized quality gates

Assess the stauts of your project status reliably at all times

During projects, many different individuals work on different tasks. If resources become unavailable or delays occur, the repercussions for project progress are often unclear. In such cases, special project indicators and the possibility of displaying all due or open items in aggregated form help provide a constant overview of the project status and allow you to take measures to counter any negative trends in good time.

Presentations from multi-project overviews to single part level
A project dashboard allows you to display not only a multi-project overview but also the status of engineering changes (EC KPIs). With Controlling & Maturity Management, you can display exactly the information you need, such as evaluations of the development level of the individual product components.

Simplify employees' activities by easily configuring custom dashboards

Do you want a quick way to see whether the status of an object has changed, find out whether all projects are still safely on track, quickly access individual documents or CAD drawings, or view KPI statistics in the form of comparisons or time-courses? You can adjust all this to meet your specific needs in your custom dashboard. This means that you can access all the information that is important for your work faster and have more time for the essentials.

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