Advantages for enterprises and employees

  • Ensure optimum capacity utilization and improve your adherence to deadlines
  • Efficient procedure from top-down rough planning to resource allocation in detailed planning
  • Make use of resource pools across departments and sites

Make optimum use of your capacities and improve adherence to delivery dates

Before conducting any individual projects, you decide which project can be scheduled when. One of the most important criteria here is the availability of the necessary staff and other resources. CONTACT Resource Planning supports strategic capacity planning throughout the entire portfolio in order to spread the load evenly across your organization with no excessive peak loads and no underused capacity. To do this, you use the multi-project plan and evaluate your scenarios in the schedule on the basis of your capacity utilization.

Proceed from top-down rough-cut planning to resource assignment in detailed planning

Most systems only support "bottom-up" planning. This means that projects must first be planned in detail with the associated resources in order to identify the total load of certain resource groups in the light of the various task clusters. As a result, the task of considering the planning scenarios and the unavoidable changes to the planning of running projects are extremely demanding in terms of time and effort. Resource Planning allows you to take the opposite route: You first plan the resource requirements at an outline level and then later underpin this with concrete resource allocations in detailed planning. At this point, you can already use resource pools and directly take account of the availability of the necessary resources. You work so efficiently, lay the foundation for an early recognition of bottlenecks and and increase the satisfaction of your employees through an even workload.

Map capacities with hierarchical resource pools across sites and plan them flexibly

As part of your top-down capacity planning, you want to know what influence a new project will have on the availability of all the employees belonging to certain resource groups, such as design engineers, simulation engineers, quality engineers, etc. In Resource Planning, you set up resource pools to create a resource structure that corresponds to your planning process. Consequently, for example, you can start with enterprise-wide planning at the level of the named qualification groups and only later assign these to specific sites and departments, for example.

Related Elements

Greater clarity when controlling product and project portfolios

Achieve systematic frontloading with the right ideas and initiatives

Structure your portfolios to achieve greater clarity

Inspect projects at the touch of a button throughout the entire lifecycle

Ensure the clear, transparent planning of project and program dates using Gantt charts

Create your scheduling quickly and efficiently using Gantt charts and templates 

Define the timeframe and plan the detailed dates "bottom-up" in line with the specifications  

Plan your projects from multi-project management through to scheduling details with optional views, settings and procedures

Overview of all existing project tasks and direct access to context information

Use tasks to set the course for a smooth transition from project planning to implementation

Allow your project participants an optimal self-organization

Connect reliability with agility and keep track of the multi-project mode

Effectively promote agile proceedings in projects by supporting hybrid methods

Optimally combine agility and reliability with hybrid methodology

Promote self-organized procedures with task boards

Seamlessly combine classic management and agile workflows


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