Advantages for enterprises and employees

  • Better processes with model data at the push of a button
  • Visual analyses and decisions with the 3D Cockpit
  • Easier sharing of model data for team collaboration
  • 3D-PDF, JT & STEP: More possibilities with standards
  • Digital mockups accelerate product protection

Improve your processes with end-to-end geometry information

With 3D Connect, you can use 3D models without a CAD system or a separate viewer to simplify visualization and analysis tasks. 3D Connect broadly disseminates geometric information and makes processes more efficient: Through customer documentation and online publishing (PIM), for example as 3D PDF with illustrated parts lists, through the evaluation of engineering changes based on redlining in the model, through digital mock-ups (DMU) for earlier design validation and much more.


Validate your decisions using the 3D Cockpit

3D Connect is seamlessly integrated with CONTACT Elements and CIM Database PLM. Users directly access CAD model data, parts, variants, product structures and parts list data in the 3D context.

The 3D Cockpit is the central tool for intuitive navigation through model and product structures. You can use measurement functions, bounding boxes, exploded views and redlining, save snapshots of selected views and use color coding to mirror component properties such as release status directly in the model.


Share model data for high-performance team collaboration

With 3D Connect, users share model data and analysis results directly in the process: visual part information, red markups, comments, notes, views, and more. For example, use our messenger service Activity Streams to suggest changes, discuss variants, and evaluate designs in dialog based on models and redlining. Central processes such as technical changes become faster – internal coordination and collaboration with customers and suppliers can be organized highly efficiently with the support of 3D Connect!

3D-PDF, JT & STEP: More possibilities with standards

3D PDF combines product models with the possibilities of Office documents. The handling of model data becomes as easy as dealing with texts and images. You can display product manufacturing information (PMI) and model views defined in the CAD system. Combined with document templates and form elements, you can link model information with metadata and even interactive operational elements directly in PDF. BOM entries become associative, mirroring the selection of 3D components in the BOM and vice versa. And you can easily share PDF, JT, and STEP files without limits!

Accelerate product protection with DMU

3D Connect is powered by invenio Virtual Technologies, the world's leading DMU specialist. Use Clash & Clearance to determine all parts that fall below minimum distances. Analyze collisions, contact surfaces and distance bands in geometry models. Compare simple model alternatives and supplied variants. Benefit from these high-end DMU functions in the PEP at every workstation without media discontinuity, high set-up times and time-consuming changes of work context.


Offline and high-performance viewing

Business users with special requirements, for example in the area of wall thickness analysis and for offline operation, benefit from the additional use of the dedicated Kisters ViewStation solution and maintained 3D Connect integration for CONTACT Elements and CIM Database PLM. ViewStation offers special analysis and authoring functions and is particularly suitable for on-site work at the customer's site, even without access to the PLM server services.

Related Elements

Effective frontloading for variable product design

Determine the variability in product management and engineering

Define complete variant models quickly and easily

Supply the correct items, BOMs and model data automatically to downstream processes.

Fast and reliable synchronization of engineering and manufacturing BOMs

Support order-specific and site-specific work preparation with easy eBOM-mBOM synchronization

Analyze differences in quantity between engineering and manufacturing BOMs and eliminate them quickly and reliably

Profit from a direct link to 3D viewing and variant management

Manage CAx data and incorporate changes directly in the development data

Manage your CAx data across different disciplines using an integrated data model

Provide optimum, cross-location support for your product development

Exchange design data seamlessly with partners and customers

Making teamwork easier and more efficient than ever with social media functions

Targeted information distribution with contextual reference

Tailored delivery of information across the entire company

Encourage employees with a new user experience


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