Advantages for enterprises and employees

  • Develop requirements-oriented products
  • Create mechatronic product structures for systems engineering
  • Configure variants with 150% BOMs
  • Manage BOMs and ensuring compliance
  • Use reliable interfaces between development and production

Develop requirements-oriented products

CONTACT's Requirements & Functions allows you to record and process requirements and monitor their fulfillment. This module links requirements with functions, components or tasks, which allows you to control changes and detailed elaboration during the development process directly in the virtual product instead of managing them separately.

Develop in accordance with the V model
CONTACT Elements requirements management capability provides comprehensive support for development in line with the V model for model-based systems engineering (MBSE). This enables you to ensure the transparency of all relationships and dependencies, identify the impact of changes and navigate requirements, functions and product structures with visual support and analyze them more quickly.

Compile requirements – maintain an overview of relationships and dependencies

Create mechatronic product structures for systems engineering

Describe products based on their functional product architecture, which incorporates modular elements with concrete technical solutions. Then specify the solution components involving the disciplines mechanical engineering, E/E and software in a common product structure. At the same time, provide support for interfaces to leading CAx tools and state-of-the-art version control systems such as Git and implementations such as GitHub or GitLab in the context of the "software as a part" approach and its processes.

Configure variants with 150% BOMs

Configurable BOMs allow feature-driven development. Benefit from the advantages of efficient variant creation thanks to over-defined maximum BOMs. Perform configuration by entering requirements in the form of values of characteristics and simply select the relevant items from the maximum BOM on the basis of rules. Take advantage of support when configuring 100% components and corresponding CAD model structures.

From the filtered maximum BOM to adaptable variant BOMs

Manage your BOMs and data efficiently and ensure compliance

BOMs contain extensive data such as data on materials and semi-finished products, dimensions, weight and quantities. It forms the starting point for calculating costs, weights and quantities of harmful substances, planning material requirements and much more. CONTACT Elements Product Structure & BOM supports the automatic derivation of this data from CAD model structures, sample structures and 150% BOMs.

Compliance in process guarantees document validity
Cutting down on the number of manual operations involved in maintaining BOMs reduces errors and subsequent costs, for example in your procurement department. In combination with the automatic provision of relevant context information such as models and drawings, you can ensure that a product's documentation fully meets compliance requirements.

Supply ERP and production with reliable data.

The automatic and reliable transfer of the BOMs to the procurement and work preparation functions carried out in the ERP system completes the development process. The challenges here are the early the procurement of machines and systems with long lead times, the integration of subsequent technical changes and the mapping of logistical issues such as factory-specific use of materials, and production/assembly-compatible structures. CONTACT Elements Product Structure & BOM helps you do this.

Easier synchronization of engineering and manufacturing BOMs
As a rule, order- and site-specific production is characterized by a high number of varying product configurations, and mapping design changes to manufacturing BOMs (mBOM) in this context is a key challenge. CONTACT's mBOM Manager provides support for production planning and central work preparation with the fast and reliable synchronization of engineering BOMs (eBOM) and manufacturing BOMs.


Related Elements

The easier way from requirements to product

Implement requirements in a comprehensible and function-oriented way

Make use of requirements directly within the project and product context

Link requirements and present a clear overview of interrelationships

Monitor the degree of fulfillment and take corrective action

Effective frontloading for variable product design

Determine the variability in product management and engineering

Define complete variant models quickly and easily

Supply the correct items, BOMs and model data automatically to downstream processes

Fast and reliable synchronization of engineering and manufacturing BOMs

Support order-specific and site-specific work preparation with easy eBOM-mBOM synchronization

Analyze differences in quantity between engineering and manufacturing BOMs and eliminate them quickly and reliably

Profit from a direct link to 3D viewing and variant management

Be better informed and make faster decisions with 3D product data

Better processes with model data at the push of a button

Visual analyses and decisions with the 3D Cockpit

Easier sharing of model data for team collaboration

3D-PDF, JT & STEP: More possibilities with standards

Digital mockups accelerate product protection

Manage CAx data and incorporate changes directly in the development data

Manage your CAx data across different disciplines using an integrated data model

Provide optimum, cross-location support for your product development

Exchange design data seamlessly with partners and customers


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