Advantages for enterprises and employees

  • Ensure transparency of materials used in products
  • Make sure that only permitted materials are processed
  • Quality-tested delivery of regulated materials

Ensure transparency of materials used in your products

Do you know exactly what materials are present in which products and in what quantities? And do you also know what materials that are subject to mandatory labeling requirements are present in which products? Create a transparent view of the materials in your products that are subject to regulatory requirements under REACH, RoHS, or the battery and packaging ordinances. With Material Compliance, CIM Database allows you to link material databases to the actual components in your products. The result is that you always know what your products contain, can provide the corresponding evidence and can find the products containing a specific material in the event of any change of material.

Make sure that only approved substances are processed

Are you developing a new product and want to make sure in advance that you only use materials that comply with regulatory requirements relating to environmental protection and sustainability? Then exploit the resources in your materials database and only use materials from suppliers that you know comply with regulatory requirements.

Standards-specific materials management
With Material Compliance, CIM Database allows you to store standardized test processes that ensure that the materials present in products and components comply with the relevant standards. Material Compliance forms the basis for standards-specific materials management: You can document the employed materials seamlessly based on the supplier's specifications. The corresponding material classifications and field attributes give you the certainty that your products conform to standards, guidelines, ordinances and other compliance regulations. This means that you will always be safe in your choice of materials.

Document the quality-checked delivery of regulated materials

When you receive materials or components that are covered by REACH, RoHS or similar regulations, the supplier provides you, on delivery, with the corresponding certificates regarding the contents. You can store these documents as product-relevant data and call them up at any time if you need to ensure that your products are safe, environmentally responsible and sustainable.

Analyses according to product, substance or supplier
Material Compliance also provides you with comprehensive analytical and reporting capabilities: You can create analyses of material compliance according to supplier, component/product or substance thanks to the differentiated recording of materials via selection catalogs and stored information. In addition to comprehensive material compliance management, you will also receive valuable and vital information for your supplier assessments.

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Improve customer satisfaction and reduce series ramp-up costs

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Faster, more reliable availability of project, product and customer documentation

Use integrated project and document management and best practices for your documentation

Integrate in-process documentation in the project plan intelligently and avoid time-consuming subsequent modifications

Automatically generate documentation of deliverables

Intelligent document logistics: organizing and utilizing know-how enterprise wide

Make all important documents available on every workstation

Save valuable time when searching for documents

Protect valuable know-how

Speed up test and release processes

Comply with regulatory requirements much more easily


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