Advantages for enterprises and employees

  • Flexibility, speed and process reliability through optimal combination of agility and reliability
  • Effectively promote self-organized procedures with task boards and agile task processing
  • Support Scrum, Kanban and interval methods
  • Seamlessly link classic management with agile work practices
  • Support planning and implementation equally

Promote self-organized procedures with task boards

CONTACT Elements Agile Methods enables an agile approach in comprehensive teams. Use the universal functions of the task board technology for the agile processing of project tasks and open points. As project boards, the tool enables self-organized creation and editing of tasks in the project context in a bottom-up manner. Used as team or personal boards, CONTACT's task boards enable your project teams and employees to quickly and easily aggregate and agilely edit your project tasks.

Support for Scrum, Kanban and interval methods
In addition to Scrum and Kanban, CONTACT's Task Board technology supports so-called interval boards. Here the task boards provide the instruments for a time-controlled agile procedure in time periods with project boards and team boards. Planning view for backlog and interval planning, task board view for detailed planning and processing in the current interval as well as review of completed intervals. CONTACT's Task Board technology also includes comprehensive dashboard functions that make central project information accessible on mobile devices.


Agile handling of project tasks and open issues with personal, team or project-related boards

Optimally combine agility and reliability with hybrid methodology

In most projects, there are sub-areas that should be accomplished by using classical methods as well as sub-areas where an agile approach makes sense or is even necessary. Support hybrid project management methods with CONTACT Agile Methods and combine the reliability of classical framework planning with the dynamics, implementation speed and self-organization of agile procedures.

Support planning and execution equally
Your project managers can use proven methods to create classic framework planning top-down by means of deadlines, resources and milestones and can directly read off the project's progress. Process templates, Gantt charts and plan specifications for the teams are a direct component of your working environment. Your project teams support you with agile tools such as activity streams and task boards for their value-adding tasks in the actual development work.


Support both top-down planning and bottom-up value creation with Agile Methods

Seamlessly combine classic management and agile workflows

With its task boards, CONTACT Agile Methods offers you the possibility to link the classical management of product development projects with different agile working methods—seamlessly and redundant-free. You support incremental procedures according to Scrum in sprints. Sprint boards offer a planning view for the backlog and sprint planning as well as a task board view for detailed planning and processing in the current sprint, including a review of completed sprints

Work self-organized in value creation and increase the pace of development with an agile approach

Agile project management in practice

Experience how MANN+HUMMEL makes its projects more agile with integrated task boards from CONTACT Software

Related elements

Overview of all project tasks and direct access to context information

Use tasks to set the course for a smooth transition from project planning to implementation

Allow your project participants an optimal self-organization

Connect reliability with agility and keep track of the multi-project mode

Clear planning of project and program dates

Create your scheduling quickly and efficiently using Gantt charts and templates 

Define the timeframe and plan the detailed dates "bottom-up" in line with the specifications  

Plan your projects from multi-project management to schedule details with optimal views, settings and procedures

Optimize the allocation of resources to project portfolios

Ensure optimum capacity utilization and improve your adherence to deadlines

Simplify your cross-project planning with a top-down approach

Make use of resource pools across departments and sites

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