Advantages for enterprises and employees

  • Control customer processes directly throughout project planning and product development operations
  • Find better ways for sales, project planning and product development staff to work together
  • Document agreements reached with the customer and manage discrepancies and changes

Control your customer processes directly throughout project planning

Excel through optimum customer-orientation: Control your customer processes directly throughout your project planning and product development operations – instead of with separate Excel or CRM tools. Technical Sales does exactly what its name suggests: You benefit from all the essential functions and data of an enterprise-wide data hub for your customers and customer projects. Starting with organizational and contact data, through communications processes, offers, specifications and other documents, you have the complete customer history all the way through to the transition from the offer process and project planning to project realization.

Display relationships and dependencies
Relationships and dependencies can be displayed easily and transparently. You always have an overview of variants and adaptations to existing developments and can directly access all the harmonization levels of the development data. And you can do so from the very beginning right the way through to the end of the project.

Use all functions and data of an enterprise-wide data hub for customer processes with Technical Sales

Find better ways for your sales, project planning and product development staff to work together

Control your customer projects with a clear focus and impress with the transparency of project progress. The seamless transition from the offer phase to the development project that is possible with Technical Sales allows for efficient coordination processes. Contact persons and details relating to offer submission are passed on directly from the sales phase to the project phase, where they continue to be maintained uninterrupted. Your projects are workflow-controlled through to their conclusion, including progress control and the automatic monitoring of critical deadlines or open requirements.

Transparency from the offer through to after-sales
With a 360° all-round view of all project-related customer information and documents, you possess an outstanding basis for needs-oriented customer consulting. Technical Sales supports the identification of cross-selling and upselling potential and makes it possible to differentiate easily and transparently between new requirements and performance features that have already been planned or agreed on. From offer variants to an extension module and right through to the IoT service add-on: All staff who are in contact with customers have complete transparency in the process of coordinating with the people who influence and make decisions.

Achieving project objectives more quickly thanks to continuous processes from the offer to after sales

Document agreements reached with the customer – manage discrepancies and changes

CONTACT Elements ensures that all communications are documented – whether they relate to initial ideas regarding requirements and product variants or to technical changes. Technical Sales makes it possible to reliably track agreements on changes to scheduling and budgets and trace critical deadlines automatically. Thanks to direct access to other modules, such as Requirements, you can, for example, immediately record agreed changes in the requirements specification and implement them. This makes it easy to avoid disagreements with customers and any disputes can be resolved quickly and easily.

Claim management
With CONTACT Elements, you can document any desired changes systematically and dependably. You systematically track any deviations from the original project order using claim management processes and always have a clear overview of important deadlines. You implement agreed technical changes quickly and reliably using rule-based, standardized engineering processes.

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