Press release – February 13, 2024

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES sets global process standards in product development with CIM Database PLM

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES is implementing a globally consistent project management system with CIM Database PLM. The company utilizes standardized end-to-end processes to manage the development of its products for compressed air treatment in a quick, efficient, and traceable manner. 

Compressed air is essential in many industries, including mechanical engineering, medical technology, or the food industry. The quality requirements vary significantly depending on the application. BEKO TECHNOLOGIES offers customized solutions for compressed air treatment. To map processes amid increasing levels of customization and complexity, the company is introducing CONTACT Software's CIM Database.

Using CONTACT's low-code platform, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES significantly reduces administrative efforts in cross-location projects. Workflows and templates guide employees through processes, decreasing their workload and accelerating projects. At the same time, optimized resource planning increases employee satisfaction. The project status can be easily tracked at any time, while high data quality reduces errors and provides a solid basis for decision-making. In addition to the unified data pool, CONTACT’s solution stands out with its multi-CAD interface, ensuring consistent data across various applications. The integrated SAP interface enables BEKO TECHNOLOGIES to implement seamless business processes at all locations worldwide, streamlining collaboration across different departments. The adoption of uniform standards also allows for continuous process improvement.

“With CIM Database PLM, we achieve a high level of standardization while benefiting from maximum flexibility,” says Stefan Kampfer, Technical Project Manager Product Development at BEKO TECHNOLOGIES. Looking ahead, the company is considering expanding its business model with smart services based on CONTACT Elements for IoT and connecting additional locations outside of Europe. 

With six production sites and 15 sales units in Europe, Asia, and North America, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES is one of the world's leading companies in compressed air and gas technology. With more than 600 employees, the group generated a revenue of 140 million euros in 2023. 

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