Press release – April 29, 2024

CONTACT Software presents new AAS applications

CONTACT Software is pushing the use of the Asset Administration Shell. Its Elements platform now supports the standardized exchange of time series data, the Product Carbon Footprint, and more.

As a cross-enterprise standard for the digital twin, the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) offers significant potential for machinery and plant manufacturers, their component suppliers, and customers. CONTACT Software is actively involved in the Industrial Digital Twin Association (IDTA) and other projects to advance it. The software provider now presents new AAS use cases for Industry 4.0.

CONTACT already demonstrated in 2023 how companies can use its platform Elements for IoT to import and export initial AAS submodels. Since then, the software provider has implemented further IDTA specifications. Now, structured information relating to an asset's installation, a classified description of its technical properties, the product's carbon footprint, handover documents, and context-specific operating data can also be exchanged securely and reliably via the AAS.

Easy navigation with a new widget

A new widget for the Elements for IoT dashboards provides an overview of all active and "inactive" AAS submodels of an asset and simplifies information exchange between companies. It enables users to directly access the AAS Type 2 REST endpoint of the AAS or its submodels. They have the option of up- or downloading the respective submodel to update it or activate a non-existent one.

Creating and updating assets

CONTACT has also expanded the creation and modification of assets with an AAS REST endpoint. Using the Digital Nameplate and its serial number, the desired AAS information is provided through the Universal Classification of the Elements platform. If an asset with the serial number already exists, the user is asked whether it should be updated. The new function is handy in maintenance when obsolete or defective components need to be replaced in machine tools.

Export of time series data

The "Time Series Data to AAS" function automatically fills the corresponding submodel with an asset's metadata and time series data. CONTACT Elements for IoT offers two options for providing the measured values: direct REST access to the selected time series range and a derived JSON file stored in the digital twin. In the production context, for example, this allows the provision of the data for quality assurance tasks for end-of-line tests.

CONTACT has showcased the new AAS use cases at Hannover Messe 2024 and will continue to support the broad use of this technology with its Elements platform. The software provider currently works on making the information for the Digital Product Passport available in standardized form via the AAS.

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