Press release – October 17, 2023

SPS 2023: CONTACT shows innovations for the Smart Factory and Services

CONTACT Elements for IoT offers end-to-end applications for asset management, the smart factory, and digital services. At booth 348 in hall 6, CONTACT Software will showcase the new release of its open low-code platform and its various applications.

CONTACT’s IoT platform enables companies to digitalize their production end-to-end, use real-time metrics to optimize manufacturing processes and asset performance, or offer value-added services to their customers. At this year’s SPS from November 14 – 16, the software provider will showcase the new version of CONTACT Elements for IoT, opening up even more potential for the industry on the shopfloor and in the service business. 

Digital control of series and order production

CONTACT Elements for IoT is now suitable for all manufacturing processes, whether these are shift-oriented or not. This means that operations can be reported as partially or finally completed at any time. Depending on the selected production context, the elements of the Web UI adapt accordingly.

The IoT platform now also supports shift managers in staff planning. The new Shopfloor Planner provides an overview of which employees are available, on sick leave, or on vacation. Once scheduling is complete, the app shows which individuals are assigned per machine and shift and indicates planned maintenance and setup times. Shift managers can immediately see by filters and color coding whether they have allocated too many or too few workers to a shift.

Execute service cases faster

CONTACT Software has expanded its IoT module Customer Services with checkpoints for maintenance, repair, and overhaul activities. These can include step-by-step instructions with images and references to the required material. The checkpoints support technicians in executing service cases quicker, better evaluating them, and easily logging time and material expenditures. Once the task is completed, service billing in the ERP system is initiated and product documentation is updated at the push of a button. Elements for IoT automatically generates the checkpoint list for an entire plant from the checkpoints of its components.

The Asset Administration Shell (AAS) is a cross-manufacturer standard for the digital twin and holds tremendous potential for the digital service business. With the new release of CONTACT Elements for IoT, companies can now import initial AAS submodels. At SPS, the Kübler Group will demonstrate using the Digital Nameplate of an encoder how they provide device data to customers via a QR code and update it when product changes occur.

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