Advantages for enterprises and employees

  • Effective support for order and site-specific work preparation
  • Intelligent analysis and reliable elimination of quantity differences between eBOM and mBOM
  • Direct connection to 3D viewing and variant management


Provide effective support for order-specific and site-specific production planning

Order-specific development projects are normally characterized by a high number of varying product configurations – mapping design changes to manufacturing BOMs (mBOM) in this context is a key challenge. Production planning is performed by a central work preparation department based on the work performed by product development. The work preparation department often supplies the globally distributed sites with site-specific or order-specific manufacturing BOMs. Use the xBOM Manager to achieve stable processes and control of the product data at the interface between development and production.

Fast and reliable synchronization
Our module utilizes the role of PLM systems as the leading systems for technical changes. ERP systems are often cumbersome to use due to the fact that BOMs are often insufficiently mapped. Furthermore, time-consuming manual comparison carries a high risk of errors. If, in particular, updating manufacturing BOMs using the engineering BOM (eBOM) is part of day-to-day business, ERP systems are ill-suited to serving as the primary tool for synchronization. The xBOM Manager simplifies and accelerates the reliable transfer of your design changes to production, thus reducing your lead times.

Analyze differences in quantity between engineering and manufacturing BOMs BOMs and eliminate them reliably

The xBOM Manager supports the comparative analysis of eBOM and mBOM structures. The starting point is the table listing the differences in quantities, which your work preparation department can use to easily identify and correct differences in the component quantities between two BOMs. In addition to the table listing the differences in quantities, the xBOM Manager also offers structure views for the eBOM and mBOM with convenient navigation functions and intelligent search functions. Your work preparation department can use search paths to search for and quickly identify deviating items only in the relevant substructures.

Representation and elimination of differences
The xBOM Manager's functions for the representation and consolidation of differences are of vital importance. The xBOM Manager visually highlights differences in the product structures so that users can navigate straight to the relevant matches. When transferring changes, i.e. eliminating differences, the xBOM Manager provides users with support in the form of convenient functions for adapting assemblies for example and a change dialog for the individual items in the BOM.

Benefit from the direct connection to 3D viewing and variant management

The xBOM Manager can also be used in combination with CONTACT's 3D visualization solution 3D Connect. Those editing the manufacturing BOM can simply "switch" from a 2D view to a 3D view and thus gain direct access to the model data. They can also highlight selected components, in particular those that form part of the delta analysis, directly in the 3D model and assess discrepancies reliably.

Variant management support
Many companies develop products on an order-by-order basis using maximum BOMs, which are adapted to form 100% BOMs when an order is received. The xBOM Manager makes it possible to compare and synchronize engineering BOMs and manufacturing BOMs as maximum BOMs, thus providing better support for technical changes to these special structures. The xBOM Manager also supports CONTACT's variant management system, e.g. you can select a variant and compare the 100% BOMs that have not yet been stored permanently.

Delta analysis in a 3D model

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