Press release – June 26, 2024

Bucher Municipal chooses CIM Database Cloud as future-proof solution 

The world’s leading manufacturer of municipal cleaning and clearing equipment is implementing a comprehensive PLM system with CIM Database Cloud. The solution supports end-to-end collaboration across its global sites.

Bucher Municipal develops and manufactures a range of specialized vehicles worldwide for the cleaning of sewers, cities, roads, construction sites, and airports as well as winter maintenance. To standardize and optimize the development of its diverse product variants across different locations, the company is adopting CIM Database Cloud from CONTACT Software.

Until now, Bucher Municipal's various sites used different PDM systems. This makes it difficult to reuse identical parts and leads to the creation of new items, which results in additional costs. With integrations to SolidWorks, Inventor, and AutoCAD as well as the ERP connection to Microsoft Dynamics 365, CIM Database will ensure consistent master data and end-to-end development processes. Employees will then have company-wide access to a central database, simplifying and accelerating collaboration between the globally distributed competence centers.

Bucher Municipal will leverage the cloud solution way beyond CAD data and document management. CONTACT’s Universal Classification enables identical parts to be easily identified and reused in the future. The CIM Database modules for variant management and control of change processes will allow the company to transparently represent complex product configurations across all design areas and quickly respond to individual customer requirements. CONTACT’s xBOM Manager will make every engineering change traceable in location- or order-specific manufacturing bills of materials.

“With CIM Database, we will use a software that allows our global engineering sites to collaborate closely,” says Olaf Witt, Business Engineer and PLM Project Manager at Bucher Municipal. After the go-live, the company plans to introduce additional PLM applications that the flexibly scalable cloud solution offers.

Headquartered in Niederweningen, Switzerland, Bucher Municipal is a division of Bucher Industries AG and achieved a revenue of over CHF 573 million in 2023. The company employs more than 2,500 people across 18 production sites and five service and distribution centers. With sustainable products like its electric vehicles, Bucher Municipal is setting new standards in the industry.

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