Press release – March 7, 2024

HERMES Group accelerates product development process with CIM Database PLM

As a manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceuticals,  HERMES Group must ensure delivery reliability and adhere to strict compliance regulations. With CIM Database PLM, the company benefits from a Single Source of Truth for product data and documents, as well as end-to-end and traceable processes. 

The high manual effort required to gather and synchronize data from various sources such as emails, Excel files, Access databases, or paper documents for the development of new pharmaceuticals is time consuming and prone to errors. With CONTACT Software's CIM Database PLM, the HERMES Group improves data quality, simplifies the fulfillment of compliance requirements, and reduces workloads related to maintaining product and part master data..

With the PLM solution, the HERMES Group creates a Single Source of Truth for all product information, formulations, and documents, which proves beneficial throughout the entire product development process. The existing ERP system, Infor M3, has been seamlessly integrated. Workflows standardize how information is shared in collaborative processes and ensure the traceability of all process steps as well as compliance with regulatory requirements.

A dual advantage for the HERMES Group stems from increased process transparency and reduced complexity. On the one hand, end-to-end and partially automated approval processes enable the faster and more cost-effective realization of new ideas. On the other hand, an audit trail documents all changes with regulatory significance in a digital lifecycle record.

"With CIM Database, we use a modular system solution that enables us to map company-specific data structures and dissolve data silos. This provides the foundation for a virtual product and the development of a seamless digital thread," says Christin du Toit, PLM Project Manager at HERMES Arzneimittel Holding. In addition to implementing CIM Database PLM, HERMES also intends to introduce CONTACT Project Office for project management. To accelerate the HERMES Group's approval process, the company aims to connect to the interface of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in collaboration with CONTACT. 

The HERMES Group is a corporate group under the umbrella of the Johannes Burges Family Foundation, comprising approximately 1,000 employees from HERMES Arzneimittel Holding, HERMES ARZNEIMITTEL, HERMES PHARMA, and Bad Heilbrunner. They all share a high standard of quality in the development, approval, manufacturing, and distribution of products in the pharmaceutical and healthcare market. Since 1907, their focus has been on the health of people. 

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