We see this network as a functional system in which the services provided by all those involved are coordinated in such a way that maximum benefit and success is ensured for all the parties concerned. Everyone in our ecosystem carries responsibility for ensuring that the ecosystem functions well, thus ensuring the creation of the best solutions for our customers.


Advantages for all those involved

  • Systematic expansion of CONTACT's solution portfolio – by CONTACT itself and through its business partners
  • Helping customers worldwide implement their strategy for improving efficiency throughout the innovation process
  • Unlock new potential by effectively addressing new industries and markets
  • Connect with partners to discuss current topics of interest
  • Exploit the synergies that the Ecosystem offers worldwide

Partner zones

Channel partners

... specialize in the marketing of software solutions. They are involved in marketing CONTACT Software's products and brands, neatly rounding these off with their own expertise and/or market-specific solutions, and provide support to customers in their markets. Channel partners work closely with country-specific partner account managers at CONTACT.

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Service partners

... specialize in providing high-quality services and impress in particular with their expertise in the areas PDM/PLM and collaborative product development, as well as project and process management. Service partners advise and support their customers when it comes to selecting, implementing and operating our software solutions. Service partners work closely with partner managers at CONTACT.

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Solution partners

... are software vendors with their own range of solutions that complements CONTACT's portfolio. From authoring tools like MCAD and ECAD systems to enterprise solutions like ERP. Solution partners work closely with dedicated partner managers as well as the product management, development and sales teams at CONTACT.

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Technology partners

... are software development companies with outstanding technological solution components. Technology partners enhance the capabilities of CONTACT's portfolio with their complementary components, which are an integral part of CONTACT's solutions. Technology partners work closely with dedicated partner managers as well as the product management and development teams at CONTACT.

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OEM partners

... are companies with outstanding expertise and access to customers in specific markets. OEM partners utilize the capabilities, diversity and openness of the modular CONTACT Elements technology platform to develop and offer their own products and brands based on this platform. Our OEM partners' innovative, complementary offerings also enhance the attractiveness of CONTACT's own brands and solutions.

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University partners

... are partners that contribute to our Global Ecosystem in different ways, helping us to develop talented individuals from around the globe who will go on to be future leaders and decision-makers. Our university partners help leverage the experience that the academic community has to offer and encourage the forging of lasting relationships.

All of our university partners are like-minded organizations that have a real passion and desire to enhance technical solutions from all corners of the world.

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We are one

CONTACT's Global Ecosystem is geared to the needs of our customers, to whom we want to offer innovative solutions and outstanding services in all the world's markets. It is particularly important to us that not only our customers but also our business partners, and we ourselves, profit from this collaboration: an ecosystem can only thrive if it is strengthened by all those involved.

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