Infrastructure & Operation – Basics

The basic know-how for the installation, administration and operation of the system is trained on the basis of a latest standard configuration. Participants are provided with individual workstations in a training environment. In addition to the accompanying exercises, the training provides an opportunity for practical implementation and application of the contents.
Creating the fundamentals for technical communication between customer and CONTACT software
Mastering the basics in the use of the technology platform
Solving technical problems yourself
Manage users
Being able to participate in solving complex problems
Target audience
The training course is aimed at IT system administrators entrusted with administering the technology platform.
Experience in the application, configuration and support of at least one operating system
Experience in the administration and installation of workstation and server systems
Basic knowledge of IT, networks and infrastructure
Experience in the configuration and support of other software systems (office, databases, CAD systems, etc.)
Structure and interdependences of CONTACT's technology platform infrastructure
Installation of server and client of the technology platform
Fundamentals of configuration
Troubleshooting & Logging
Backup & Recovery
Aspects of operational safety
Extending the infrastructure of the technology platform
Hardware & network requirements
Practical exercises and application examples
Duration: 4 days
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Patrick Staffhorst
Head of training centre
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