Advantages for enterprises and employees

  • Transparency in the pre-production process thanks to matchless support
  • Map series startup process robustly and control it cost-effectively
  • Usd prototype BOM to plan materials requirements precisely and to schedule
  • Record activities when constructing samples and performing trials and synchronize tools with production

Ensure transparency in the pre-production process thanks to matchless support

Pre-production refers to the transition from a virtual product model to samples and prototypes and right up to ramping up and start of production (SOP). This phase involves defining the scope of samples, planning requirements for pre-production parts, controlling the construction of samples, performing trails and synchronizing toolmaking operations.

Process reliability in the transition phase
Do you need to procure parts while the BOMs are still under development? Is it necessary for different disciplines such as development, purchasing, sample construction, toolmaking and production to coordinate their activities? At the same time, do critical compliance requirements have to be met? For example, do you need to document the construction status and lifecycle of your samples and prototypes? CONTACT's unique Smart Ramp-up solution allows you to ensure transparency and process reliability during the transition phase between development and production.

Map your series startup process robustly and control it cost-effectively

Generally, there are no uniform data resources available for controlling pre-production during the transition from PLM controlled development processes to ERP controlled series processes. Specialist departments therefore make do with error-prone standard manual resources and communication via email. CONTACT Elements Smart Ramp-up allows you to bridge this gap. Robust, pragmatic mapping of cost-intensive pre-production processes makes them reliable and transparent. The solution covers everything from identification and resource planning for the prototypes, documentation of prototype construction and performing trials right up to synchronization with the manufacturing department.

Active control
Smart Ramp-up enables active control of all pre-production processes. The effects of design modifications or schedule changes become transparent across different disciplines thanks to Smart Ramp-up. This means that you avoid duplicated work, coordination problems and therefore cost-intensive corrections and reworking. The bottom line for you: stricter adherence to schedules, fewer errors and greater cost-efficiency during the transition between development and production.

Use a prototype BOM to plan your materials requirements precisely and to schedule

The Smart Ramp-up solution starts with the definition of the required prototypes. It supports gradual refinement and planning of the units needed. At the core of the documentation is a prototype BOM that is independent of the engineering BOM and the series specifications. This permits subassemblies and allows the use of predecessor parts, for instance, and can be refined down to the level of a single instance. Change processes are supported by allowing the engineering BOM and the prototype BOM to be compared at any time.

Cost-efficient, precise resource planning – on-time availability
CONTACT's solution provides the option of carrying out resource planning for prototype parts without the need for series ERP structures. The quantities to be procured can be scheduled and are grouped to form requirements blocks from different prototypes, projects and so on. This makes it possible to carry out joint scheduling efficiently and exploit the economies of scale. CONTACT's Catalyst integration technology permits data to be further processed seamlessly in ERP systems, for instance for order processing or notifications from the incoming goods department.

Document activities when constructing samples and performing trials and synchronize tools with production

Smart Ramp-up maps the definition of construction and test orders using proven project management functions such as scheduling and resource planning, task management and release mechanisms. You can precisely document individual activities in workshops and test stands with reference to samples and prototypes - including conversions, damage and rework requirements. On this basis, you can create a resume documentation of samples and prototypes, including test reports and image documentation.

Synchronization with production
The solution for an agile and at the same time reliable process management of the series start-up is rounded off by the project-based mapping of tools and equipment as load carriers with their own parts list and reference to the respective design parts list. The part reference of the tools to product components enables a comparison between tool and product development. In this way, cross effects become quickly visible, especially when changes are made.

Welcome to Sample City!

CONTACT guides you all the way from downtown Ramp-Up City to the SOP dockland production waters.
Starting with order and resource management, we generate explicit sample BOMs and ensure index-specific part availability. Logbooks contain life-cycle documentation for samples, parts and units. In parallel, we synchronize product and process development, tooling and equipment.

And now you can also request our Sample City map as a poster!

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