Research Areas

Green technology & sustainability

„Shape sustainability in the product life cycle”

The natural resources of our planet are limited. Therefore, at CONTACT Research, we explore digital methods, processes, and solutions to bring the relationship between nature and society on a sustainable footing through technological-industrial innovation and reorganization. This enables us to achieve sustainability from an ecological, economic, and social perspective. We do not see sustainability primarily as just another business opportunity but as a chance to fulfill our responsibility toward future generations.

To this end, we approach sustainability holistically along the entire product lifecycle. Our goal is the continuous transition from a linear throwaway economy to a regenerative circular economy. The focus of our work is consequently on use cases in the following areas:

  • Sustainable Design
    We develop methods, concepts, and solutions to integrate sustainability aspects into product development and verify them via lifecycle management systems.
  • Life Cycle Assessment
    With concepts and solutions for the provision of product information, we enable the application of life cycle assessments (LCA) via lifecycle management systems.
  • Energy Management
    We develop concepts and solutions for energy monitoring in an industrial context to identify saving potential.
  • Digitalization in the context of renewable energies
    We develop methods, concepts, and strategies for the digitalization of processes and downstream processes of regenerative energy sources to increase their efficiency.

Together with industrial and academic partners, we research the industrial application of efficiency, consistency, and sufficiency strategies along the life cycle of new products and services. This enables us to identify transformation potential and room for action toward a Green Economy.



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