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Data & Service Ecosystems

„Data sovereignty in a world of distributed services” 

We at CONTACT Research want to empower digital change in industry and society and are therefore working on solutions that help to implement new types of data and service ecosystems. Global availability is just as important for this as taking into account the ever-growing need for sovereignty over one's own data. In the future, it will not matter whether work is done in monolithic systems or distributed systems and which architectures are involved, or whether systems are operated on-premises or in the cloud.

We consider numerous areas of application that affect the entire product life cycle:

  • Product development across company boundaries

    In the future, the product development process will grow together across company boundaries and different applications. PLM systems play the leading role on the way to a real single source of truth.
  • Data-driven business models
    The digital and ecological change does not stop at business processes. Usage-based business models are replacing the traditional purchase of products and thus lead to completely new challenges in terms of data exchange and data sovereignty.
  • Cross-platform linking of data models
    With the reduction of system boundaries in continuous data acquisition across entire process flows, data models must also grow with these new requirements. Cross-platform links are a decisive factor for evaluating future data volumes.
  • Ontologies and industry standards for interoperability across system boundaries
    With the linking of data models from different systems, ontology definitions and the definition of industry standards are of great importance to ensure the interoperability of these systems in data acquisition and evaluation.

As an innovator for PLM, IoT and digitization solutions, CONTACT Research offers the ideal environment to drive technological innovation in the research field of "Data and Service Ecosystems".

Our concepts, which enable collaboration across system boundaries, are future-proof and offer the necessary flexibility to be able to react quickly to certainly changing framework conditions.  

Through research projects with research institutions and industrial partners, as well as our many years of involvement in various committees, we intensively support the development in the areas of dataspaces and asset administration shells. As part of proofs of concept, we make promising technologies accessible at an early stage and make it possible to test their added value in concrete terms.


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