Faster development and deployment of cloud solutions

Research project SmartCLIDE

Faster development and deployment of cloud solutions

Research project SmartCLIDE

The cloud is the motor of digitization. But many companies and public administrations still hesitate to use cloud services on a broad scale. Eleven partners from Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain want to change this. Under the umbrella of the Eclipse Foundation, they are working on an integrated development environment (cloud IDE) that can be used to quickly build and roll out new web solutions, operate them securely and update them easily. The EU-funded SmartCLIDE project is also remarkable for the fact that the research results will be published as open source software.

With the security-by-design experts from The Open Group (UK), the participating research institutes and software companies are implementing a universal reference architecture based on GitHub or similar services. This architecture includes tools for classification and contextual configuration of software modules, for automatic testing and deployment of the new solutions, and generic interfaces to all major cloud service providers.

The research partners rely on the behavior-driven development (BDD) approach and involve users in the development process in an early and agile manner. They also use a deep learning engine to ensure a good user experience. The AI component analyzes real application usage by means of runtime monitoring. This helps software developers to adapt their customer solutions accordingly and also to detect and correct bugs more quickly.

CONTACT's task is to test, evaluate and validate the SmartCLIDE development environment with its Elements platform. The Eclipse Foundation Europe supports the project in project communication, community building and IP management. The core components of the new cloud IDE will be released under OSS license so that software developers and professional users can view, freely use and further develop the results. This promotes the wider adoption of cloud services and strengthens digital sovereignty in the European economic area.


Institute for Applied Systems Technology ATB (coordination), AIR Institute, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), CONTACT Software, Eclipse Foundation, Intrasoft International, Kairos Digital Solutions, The Open Group, University of Macedonia, Unparallel Innovation, Wellness TechGroup

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