Application Design - Advanced

The extended possibilities of adaptation and configuration are explained and practiced on the basis of a current standard configuration. Participants are provided with individual workstations in a training environment and on the basis of relevant examples. In addition to the graphic user interface, requirements are also implemented by CONTACT PowerScript.


  • Design complex applications across multiple objects
  • Getting to Know Complex GUI Elements
  • Specific authorization concept

Target audience

The training is aimed at experienced application developers who want to intensify their knowledge of design possibilities of the technology platform and develop adaptations and extensions in-house.


  • Successful participation in the training course "Application Design – Basics" or intensive self-study of the basics
  • Successful participation in the training course "PowerScript – Basics" or intensive self-study of the basics
  • It is recommended to attend the training course "Infrastructure & Operation – Basics"


  • Class hierarchy
  • Structure display
  • Complex selection catalogues
  • Freely definable operations
  • Object decomposition
  • Collective operations
  • Context-related and exceptional authorizations
  • Roles
Duration: 4 days
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Head of Training Centre
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