CONTACT Software announces new product releases

Modern web technologies and intuitive HTML 5 interfaces help make users more productive. Collaboration during the product development process and the management of complex projects become easier, more agile and more efficient. This is demonstrated by the new versions of CIM DATABASE PLM, Project Office and the CONTACT Elements platform.

CONTACT Software has expanded its open platform Elements to include innovative components for CIM DATABASE PLM and Project Office. New, intuitive web apps and functions allow both enterprise solutions to offer an even better user experience. The motivation behind this is the users' desire for smart IT tools that are easy to use and help even complex specialized tasks to be performed efficiently.

The web as a blueprint
It is web technologies such as HTML 5 and frameworks like React that support complex enterprise applications and make an outstanding user experience possible. This is why CONTACT has greatly enhanced its article, document and task management components.

What these modules all have in common is a web interface with a uniform design and navigation concept. Users can quickly find their way around in any context and achieve their objectives in fewer steps (learn more).

Secure collaboration with other companies
CONTACT´s Collaboration Portal connects CIM DATABASE PLM and Project Office users with engineering offices, suppliers and customers via the web. Access to internal know-how is clearly defined for external users and is controlled using an intelligent role and permissions system.

CONTACT has developed a security architecture according to the defense-in-depth principle to protect against cyber-attacks, malware, etc. If new threats arise, the platform and applications' modular architecture allows for patch management that immediately closes identified security gaps.

Enhanced variant management
The CIM DATABASE module for variant management helps companies organize their product portfolios more efficiently and cost-effectively. The extensions in the new version address requirements relating to electrical design and plant engineering in particular. One example is the new variant matrix, which is geared to the work methods employed in electrical design.

The field of plant engineering relies increasingly on modular, mechatronic systems that allow the speed and positive cost effects of a configure-to-order (CTO) approach to be combined with the flexibility that this industry requires for customer-specific product adaptations in engineer-to-order projects (ETO). The new methods in CONTACT's variant management solution enable users to combine both approaches in an end-to-end process. (learn more).

New documentation portal
A new documentation portal has also become available with CIM DATABASE 11.1, Project Office 4.1 and CONTACT Elements 15.1. The online help function has been revised technically and the user experience improved to quickly provide users, system administrators and partners with the exact product information they are looking for. (learn more).

Faster value added thanks to more productive users
Software is becoming ever more important for value added in business processes. Regardless of whether users are power or sporadic users, whether they are working in collaborative scenarios within a company or between different companies: All authorized persons should be able to use enterprise systems like CIM DATABASE PLM and Project Office quickly and easily no matter where they are and what end device they are utilizing.

Release 15.1 of CONTACT Elements therefore provides a new version of its open component architecture that is based on industry standards, open source software and state-of-the-art web technologies. Its individual modules can be used like building blocks to create outstanding software solutions that are easy to operate and which can be extended flexibly. 

"CONTACT Elements is the platform behind our products," says CONTACT´s Head of Marketing Dr. Roland Drewinski. "The interaction between its modules makes our specialist applications and those of our customers and partners among the most powerful on the market."


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