Technical article

Asset Administration Shell

Technical article

Asset Administration Shell

Bringing the AAS into industrial practice

The Asset Administration Shell (AAS) is a cross-manufacturer standard for the digital twin. It serves as the "lifecycle file" of a product, storing its information and making it accessible for parties along the entire value chain, such as manufacturers, suppliers, and operators.

In the AASHub research project, CONTACT Software, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, and industry partners have developed a solution that simplifies AAS exchange. To achieve this, CONTACT Elements for IoT was expanded to enable the export of an AAS and its subsequent integration into the digital twin of a plant.

Read this article to learn how the AASHub was developed, why it makes work easier for service technicians, and how the AAS may one day be the backbone of shared production.

This article was published in the journal maschinenbau 3 (2023), issue 6, pp. 48-50. Accessible online here.

Learn more about the AASHub and the potential of the AAS for the industry.

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