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More than 5,000 SITECH employees at seven production sites in Germany, Poland and China produce seat sets ("Carsets") and seat structure components for Volkswagen Group brands. A car set comprises the complete seat equipment of a vehicle, i. e. up to nine seats. The delivery of the car sets is carried out just-in-sequence - at the right time and in the right sequence to the customer's production lines. In addition, SITECH works closely with Volkswagen, Audi and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to develop seats for Volkswagen Group vehicles. More than 200 developers cover the entire development spectrum: from pre-development and calculation, design, cover and foam development, prototype construction and extensive testing to series production support.

Company-wide, context-related administration and provision of all documents belonging to a project from the various authoring systems with comprehensive authorization concept; transparent change and release management; extensive data and process synchronization via bi-directional interface to SAP; mapping of the entire product structure and the associated tasks through the integration of the bills of materials, starting with pre-development and design up to the prototypes; systematic project management and controlling on the basis of the system.
Central development platform that supports and controls collaboration across departments and locations; reciprocal supply of product-relevant information to development and production planning; real-time provision of binding data and information on individual customer projects for all core areas in the company; audit-proof documentation; significant improvement of transparency, quality and lead time in the product development process.
Workspaces for CAD data management and preparation of the data for supplying the corporate system (KVS/CONNECT). Rapid Prototyping "concept during the IT introduction in order to be able to adhere to the ambitious schedule despite the large number of requirements and to ensure high user acceptance.

Enterprise-wide reporting in the sense of a management cockpit by access to real-time project key figures for detailed analyses and evaluations.
The rapid introduction and high flexibility of the software enabled us to quickly mobilize the potential benefits of the solution.
Dr. Dirk Wolter
Head of IT, Processes & Organisation
Sitech Sitztechnik GmbH

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