Comprehensive support of the product development process

Almost 2,300 Brose Sitech employees produce seat sets and seat system components for Volkswagen Group brands at two production sites in Germany. A car set comprises the complete seating equipment of a vehicle, i.e. up to nine seats. The car sets are delivered just-in-sequence – at the right time and in the right order to the production lines. The central system for the entire product development process at Brose Sitech is CIM Database: From pre-development and calculation, design, prototype construction and testing to series production support, CONTACT's PLM system provides end-to-end, comprehensive support for product development.


Company-wide administration and provision of all project documents; CAx data management including preparation of data for the supply of the corporate system (KVS/CONNECT); change and release management; extensive data and process synchronization via bidirectional SAP interface; Product structure and parts list management starting with pre-development, through design to variants and prototypes; project management and controlling on the basis of current, reliable design data, documents and project key figures; horizontal use, also in the areas of purchasing and marketing.


Central development platform that supports and controls collaboration across departments and locations; reciprocal supply of development and production planning with product-relevant information; provision of reliable data and information for all core areas in the company; audit-proof documentation; Quick and easy creation of complete variant models and portfolios based on modules and construction kits; significant improvement of transparency, quality and throughput time; access to real-time project key figures for detailed analyses and evaluations; increased efficiency through high user acceptance.


Facilitated, flexible and location-independent entry for new employees thanks to self-service e-learning training packages including documentation and exercises.
The rapid introduction and high flexibility of the software enabled us to quickly mobilize the potential benefits of the solution.
Dr. Dirk Wolter
Head of IT, Processes & Organization
SITECH Sitztechnik GmbH

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