What drives us

Create together

Our roots are in Bremen, in northern Germany. The Bremen Town Musicians, whose remarkable story tells us about the benefits of collaboration, also come from there. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. This also applies to how we work and achieve goals as a team. Within our company and together with our customers and partners.

Open software is better

Our culture of openness and cooperation is reflected in our products. Their architecture combines the benefits of commercial solutions, such as efficiency, reliability and customer focus, with those of open software, such as flexibility and extensibility. That is why we were one of the initiators of the important global Code of PLM Openness.

Advice from equals

We listen and then we advise and implement. What is important is knowing what makes a company what it is and helps carry it forward. We believe that we truly understand our customers. What drives us are results that work in the real world of day-to-day business and which truly make companies more efficient and users more effective. We have fulfilled our mission when everything works as planned.

Fast is better than slow

Speed is the sign of our times. Our customers are driven by the markets and they expect us to provide them with fast yet reliable solutions. We put our faith in pragmatism and the highest possible level of professionalism rather than in superfluous bureaucracy. We always prefer the shortest routes and, with our open, modular architecture, offer standards and a reliable platform for companies that want to be agile as they face the future.

Better and better

Good, better, even better: Our guiding principle is continuous improvement. Helping our customers to develop innovations with our expertise and our software is a privilege. Is there anything more challenging? That is why we set ourselves ambitious goals and work with passion every day to make the better the enemy of the good. And sometimes we think that if we can't do it, then nobody can!



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