Press release – April 18, 2024

CIMdata recommends considering CONTACT Elements as a foundation for the digital thread

The international management consultancy emphasizes that CONTACT Elements is suitable as a cornerstone for a digital thread spanning the entire product lifecycle, as demonstrated by the plant manufacturer Marel with its "Digital Product Highway." 

Data silos cause delays, increased costs, and dissatisfied customers. Information is isolated in different departments, making analysis inefficient, collaboration challenging, and innovation potential limited. Against the backdrop of growing data volumes due to increasingly complex and smart products, companies require a digital thread that enables smooth management and analysis of information. The experts at CIMdata see the modular platform CONTACT Elements as an ideal basis for this purpose.

CIMdata emphasizes that CONTACT Software’s products and the underlying low-code platform connect data and processes end-to-end. Information is available across the company — from development and production to smart service and recycling. CONTACT Elements is modular and can be flexibly adapted to individual needs and scaled gradually — on-premises and in the cloud.

Companies increase their productivity and operate more collaboratively with a digital thread, as all stakeholders in the value chain have access to a single source of truth. Although often perceived as linear, the digital thread works more like a network, including various departments, suppliers, and customers, spanning from concept to end of life. Previous decisions can thus be traced back transparently. A common application is linking a physical asset with its digital twin.

CIMdata highlights Marel as an example of a successful implementation of the digital thread with CONTACT Elements. The full-line supplier of innovative food processing solutions benefits from a smooth interaction between systems, processes, and players along its value-creation networks. “Marel were able to use CONTACT Elements to enable a “Digital Product Highway” ensuring that everyone is looking at the correct information, in easy-to-understand formats with data consistency in a cohesive integrated approach from concept through the end of the product lifecycle," say the CIMdata experts. The detailed commentary by the consulting and market research company can be found here.

The software provider showcases the entire solution portfolio of the open low-code platform CONTACT Elements at the Hannover Messe as well. Visitors can experience the capabilities for PLM, IoT, and MES at the main booth H24 in hall 17, as well as at the OWL community booth D27 in hall 07 and the Fujitsu booth H62 in hall 14.

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