Press release – August 23, 2023

CIMdata recommends CONTACT Elements for IoT

The international management consultancy assesses the IoT platform of CONTACT Software as a holistic solution for asset management, the smart factory, and digital services. 

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is growing rapidly: the global market for IIoT networks, sensors, and cloud computing alone is projected to increase sixfold to around US$ 3.3 trillion by 2030 [1]. As a result, companies are looking for solutions to manage and interpret generated data. According to CIMdata, CONTACT Software’s open and modular IoT platform, based on industry standards, is ideally suited to exploit digitalization’s full potential.

CONTACT Elements for IoT provides specialist departments with intuitive tools to gain and utilize real-time insights from the operational data of industrial assets and the entire factory environment. The configurable applications enable users to define rules for event identification and desired responses. Data analytics simplify machine monitoring as well as problem detection and provide metrics for process optimization, maintenance planning, and more.

CONTACT’s IoT platform ensures end-to-end data-driven processes. Thanks to its integrating capability, existing IT/OT systems and machinery can be seamlessly connected with Elements for IoT. This enables companies to automate their asset management, optimize production and maintenance, offer new services such as pay-per-use, and establish sustainable energy management. 

CIMdata also highlights further strengths, stating that CONTACT’s low-code/no-code software only requires minimal customization and can be implemented in less than 30 days. Companies can also choose whether they want to operate their solution on-premises, in their cloud, or in the CONTACT Cloud. The market research and consulting company goes into detail about why it recommends Elements for IoT in a comprehensive commentary on its website.

At SPS 2023, visitors can experience the full range of Elements for IoT live and discuss suitable digitalization approaches for their company with CONTACT’s experts.


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