Press release - September 24, 2020

düspohl Maschinenbau digitizes production systems for batch size 1 with CONTACT Software

With the aim of automating production to a large extent, the leading manufacturer of profile wrapping machines relies on CONTACT Elements. The simulation of the production processes as close to reality as possible is the key to increase the efficiency of the robot-supported production and to minimize cost-intensive changeover and downtimes.

The increasing demand for customized products poses a challenge for manufacturers to make their production more efficient and at the same time more flexible. Today, automated processes and the use of robots make it possible to meet the requirements of individualized manufacturing with ever shorter product cycles and an increasing number of variants.

düspohl Maschinenbau GmbH is a pioneer in the field of smart manufacturing. The company is a world leader in profile wrapping technologies and develops intelligent solutions for surface lamination and the finishing of decorative materials. With the so-called RoboWrap, düspohl has introduced a groundbreaking innovation in this field. RoboWrap is the world's first robot-supported wrapping system designed for highly automated production. Robots from CONTACT's technology partner Mitsubishi Electric are used for this purpose.

düspohl reacts thereby to the increasing trend to ever smaller batch sizes and increases with CONTACT the automation degree of its machines, in order to accelerate the production of individual products for its customers. For this purpose, the company now virtually maps the entire production process for more efficient web planning. Users can thus, parallel to ongoing production, individually simulate the optimum movement pattern for each profile to be produced, taking into account the appropriate tool, and feed it into the system.

Digital path planning avoids cost-intensive production downtimes and drastically shortens the time required to change over robots that were previously done manually. "With the new simulation function, our customers can for the first time create and validate setup plans completely in the office. This minimizes downtimes and helps them to fully utilize the potential of their robot-supported wrapping systems," emphasizes Jan-Eric Peitzmeier, Project Manager at düspohl.

düspohl continues to drive the digital transformation in the future and plans to introduce smart services based on CONTACT Elements for IoT.

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