Press release -  April 14, 2020

Market leader Kiekert opts for CIM Database PLM as global development platform

The leading manufacturer of side door latches in the automotive sector has replaced its previous legacy system with CIM Database in order to increase efficiency at all development locations. With the global PLM platform, Kiekert aims to optimally support its worldwide development projects and to increase its innovative ability.

In view of current market trends, such as e-mobility and autonomous driving, the ability to innovate is becoming a critical success factor for the automotive industry. Kiekert AG is the world's number one manufacturer of side door latches and has successively expanded its product portfolio significantly. On its internet platform the company shows its innovations in intelligent access and latch systems.

The growing share of software and electronics in the products as well as the worldwide distributed development teams increase the complexity along the entire product development at Kiekert. In order to further extend its innovative lead and to expand the corresponding competencies at its locations, the company has replaced its previous individual solutions with CIM Database PLM. "Global data management is increasingly important for collaboration in the product development process," explains Franz Nienhaus, Global PLM Project Manager at Kiekert. The previous PDM system was neither multi-CAD-capable nor did it meet the additional PLM requirements.

As a key development platform, CIM Database ensures better collaboration and faster processes throughout the entire product development process through the principle of single source of truth. Product relevant information are complete, more consistent and better available throughout the company. The various departments have much easier access to the data because a CIM Database Server service automatically derives and provides standard formats such as 3D PDF.The open, modular and easily configurable architecture of the software also makes it possible to implement specific requirements without programming effort.

Central business processes have been further digitalized and automated, so that approval processes are approximately 20 percent faster. The 40 percent faster loading times also have a positive effect on the user experience. "By introducing CIM Database as an integration platform, we expect further productivity increases in the development department. The company-wide connection of our various software solutions is a major step to further increase efficiency," says Nienhaus.

Together with its partner Bosch Engineering CONTACT implemented the new PLM platform in agile sprints. In total, 700,000 Catia files, 400,000 articles and 2,000 projects from five applications were merged. In the next step, Kiekert plans to make information from requirements management and Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) available in the new PLM system in order to link it with CAD data and other project documents.

Kiekert, headquartered in Heiligenhaus, Germany, is the world's number one supplier of side door latches and has significantly expanded its product portfolio in recent years, for example with the secuCHARGE charging plug latch for electrically operated vehicles and the electrically operated latch excellENTRY with a further increased level of comfort and security. More than 60 brands of the leading automobile manufacturers are among the company's customers. 6,500 employees at eight production and seven development sites as well as at three sales centers in eleven countries work for Kiekert.

Learn more about the benefits Kiekert has achieved in its global development projects since the system change in this case study.

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