Press release - March 4, 2020

CONTACT expands its partner network at high-tech location Taiwan

IRISTech Inc. is a new partner of CONTACT’s Global Ecosystem. The goal is to provide smart solutions and services for connected manufacturing and the Internet of Things.  

IRISTech Inc., based in Taipei/Taiwan, is a leading provider of software solutions for mechanical CAD (MCAD), PLM and the Internet of Things (IoT). The company is specialized in factory automation and visualization applications. Its customers include manufacturers of consumer goods and industrial machinery. 

As the Asian "Silicon Valley", Taiwan already holds a leading technological position in the fields of Big Data, IoT and Artificial Intelligence. With a comprehensive Industry 4.0 initiative, the island state aims to become a world-leading R&D center and testing ground for smart IT applications.

"Increasing competition is forcing industrial companies to radically modernize their production," says Michael Chen, General Manager at IRISTech. "With the CONTACT Elements platform, we offer companies a comprehensive range of products and services that enable them to carry out their processes more efficiently and to successfully implement Industry 4.0 projects".

The experts from IRISTech have completed an extensive training program and have already been able to celebrate their first sales success: The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) will use CONTACT Elements for IoT in the future to train students early in the operation of a modern IoT platform.

"With IRISTech we have a strong partner with excellent market access in one of the fastest growing industrial regions of the world", says Michael S. Murgai, Director Strategy & Operations at CONTACT. "Together we can significantly support the companies on their way to smart manufacturing".

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