Press release - July 23, 2019

Cranfield University makes agile teamwork the standard with CONTACT Project Office

Cranfield University from the UK is a new member of the CONTACT University Program. The University is introducing CONTACT's software solution for managing its many industrial projects using agile processes.

The Cranfield University is internationally a leading destination for the education of engineers. It was founded in 1946 as a College of Aeronautics. Today, the university still focuses on aerospace in addition to its first-class postgraduate courses and executive programs. For example, it operates its own airport for research and industrial projects.

Cranfield University is a sought-after research partner for industry. For example, it cooperates with Boeing, Rolls-Royce, Airbus and Unilever in various projects. In doing so, it relies on state-of-the-art digital technologies and processes such as augmented reality (AR) for the maintenance of complex facilities.

The smooth implementation of these technologies in often clearly timed industrial projects is regularly a major challenge. The teams and their external partners communicate intensively with each other and exchange a multitude of documents and data, but so far without a common platform in order to organize the cooperation in the projects in the best possible way.

The Through-life Engineering Services Centre is now building a modern project and document management system using CONTACT's software solution for industrial projects. "We recently held a workshop on how to work with Project Office and the participants were delighted to see the potential time that can be saved in organizing projects," says Dr John Erkoyuncu, Director of the Through-life Engineering Services Centre.

Cranfield University and CONTACT Software plan to extend their cooperation to areas such as Internet of Things (IoT) and AR.

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