Faster project execution and ongoing project controlling

Olbrich GmbH in Bocholt, part of the Borgers Group, specializes in the development of customized machine solutions and plant concepts for coating wallpapers, floor coverings, foils and technical textiles. The company's automotive division, which was brought together a few years ago under the umbrella of the R+S Technik brand, develops moulds and systems for the manufacture of interior and exterior components such as cockpits, door panels, seat panels, parquet shelves, floor coverings, wheel arch shells and underbody panels. With a total of 780 employees, Olbrich generates a turnover of 100 million euros.


Extensive modernization and extension of the existing CIM database installation to accelerate project completion; migration of 3.7 million files with a volume of 14 TByte; standardization of processes, structures and naming systems in the PLM and ERP systems; subdivision of the plants into configurable machine groups and modules to facilitate their reuse; improvement of the project management by implementing a clearly structured process from quotation to final project.


Reduction of the time required to prepare a quotation by more than 50 per cent thanks to the machine database in connection with the holistic PLM approach; faster project planning of the plants due to the higher degree of reuse; fast and convenient creation of new projects thanks to the automatic transfer of article, customer and project data from the quotation phase; greater transparency of ongoing projects thanks to real-time evaluation of the project progress.


Systematic classification of machines and modules in order to be able to match customer requirements with already developed systems; extension of the feature list functionality for the search for machine combinations; construction of a comprehensive machine database for the fast configuration and calculation of systems in the offer phase; storage of all information and documents on the systems developed so far in this knowledge database.
PLM enables us to find the best solution for our customers more quickly. This makes the projects more efficient and successful.
Rolf Langkamp
Technical Manager
Olbrich GmbH

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