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With more than 5000 employees, Hamburger Hochbahn AG is Germany's second-largest public transport company. In addition, there are 925 kilometres of bus routes with a fleet of 820 city buses. Hamburg's metropolitan railways are justifiably proud of their share of cost recovery of over 91 percent. This is a peak value in comparison with other public transport companies - especially as the fares are set by the city. "We face the challenge of maintaining our leading position in cost recovery while at the same time maintaining our infrastructure, some of which is already 100 years old", says IT coordinator Andreas Trost. CIM Database as a platform for uniform data management is the IT basis of this efficiency performance.


Technical information system and digital archive with complete legacy data transfer in the areas of subway vehicles and subway infrastructure; cross-departmental use right through to the workshops; integration with various AutoCAD applications, RUPLAN and MS Office with automatic conversion to PDF; electronic processing of the data of vehicle manufacturers, planning and engineering offices; digital long-term archiving; connection to SAP for generating inspection lists and for documenting the performed data.


Replacement of manual drawing administration with a rule-based system with differentiated editing, research and viewing rights; complex change and approval workflows for the secure adherence to specified procedures and for the provision of up-to-date, consistent information; transparent documentation of planning, new and conversion projects as well as maintenance and repair measures throughout the entire lifecycle of vehicles and rail networks in accordance with legal requirements.


Configuration management for the vehicle software with continuous documentation of the differently compiled source, test and new versions used per train; fulfilment of the long-standing obligation to provide proof in accordance with BOStrab and TAB.
The primary goal in the introduction of CIM Database was a common digital data management for all four subway infrastructure departments.
Andreas Trost
IT System Consultant
Hamburger Hochbahn AG

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