Press release – April 4, 2023

Hannover Messe: one IoT solution for all service cases

CONTACT Software shows in Hanover how companies can increase sales and the value of their product offering with smart services.

In hall 17/booth H20, CONTACT Software will demonstrate the broad benefits of its end-to-end PLM and IoT applications. One example is the service business, which can be completely digitalized with the open low-code platform Elements and its Customer Services module. The IoT solution automates cycle- or event-driven processes up to the ERP, accelerates service order processing, and enables new smart offerings.

CONTACT Customer Services generates a document for scheduled maintenance intervals with the respective tasks, materials, and workload items. When assets fall below or exceed thresholds, customers automatically receive a spare parts offer. Incoming orders end up in the ERP, which enables predictive maintenance before the affected component fails and thus ensures high machine availability in the live operation.

The integrated ticket system helps handle customer problems or improvement requests fast and efficiently. It controls and documents the entire process from the service request, through communication between all parties involved, to the closing of a ticket, and provides the information in a central, searchable way. For example, one company could save four working days per ticket with the consistent digital processing of its service cases via a portal.

Customer Services also supports pay-per-use business models. The utilization times are automatically logged and billed using the operative data analyzed in CONTACT Elements for IoT. In addition, the multi-tenancy capability of the platform and its IoT applications ensures that each customer has exclusive and secure access to all data and functions of his assets and digital twins.

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