Press release – February 8, 2023 

CONTACT and Cadmatic enter into OEM partnership for the shipbuilding industry

The cooperation between the two leading global providers of engineering and industrial software aims to launch the first shipbuilding-specific PLM solutions to the market.

With the partnership between CONTACT Software and Cadmatic, the global shipbuilding industry benefits from digitization solutions tailored to its specific requirements. Cadmatic is using CONTACT's low-code technology platform CONTACT Elements to provide shipyards with optimal support for digitization along the entire lifecycle of shipbuilding projects - from design and engineering, through prefabrication and production, to maintenance and operation.

The composable CONTACT Elements platform is based on open software technologies and offers a broad portfolio of future-proof industrial applications that are in use at thousands of customers in various industries worldwide. The platform provides the agility needed to flexibly adapt Cadmatic solutions to new requirements and significantly reduce the complexity of shipbuilding processes.

“CONTACT and Cadmatic are two leading experts whose products and industry experience complement each other perfectly. With this partnership, shipbuilding companies worldwide will benefit from future-proof solutions to drive their digital transformation, meet growing market and customer demands, and integrate sustainability into their value creation," says Karl Heinz Zachries, CEO CONTACT Software.

The integration of the CONTACT Elements apps into the Cadmatic design, engineering and information management portfolio comprehensively addresses the demanding requirements of the shipbuilding industry to optimize business, engineering and development processes.

“Shipbuilding is a unique industry with unique needs and levels of complexity. Our PLM and digitalization solution will come with in-built shipbuilding intelligence with the facilitation of data use and management to effectively support the life cycle of complex engineering systems at shipyards. It will reduce the need for consultancy and implementation services that are typically required for general PLM applications on the market,” says Jukka Rantala, CEO Cadmatic.

As part of its OEM partnership with CONTACT, Cadmatic will expand its offering to include the first shipbuilding-specific PLM solution that enables customers to significantly improve quality and save time throughout the lifecycle of shipbuilding projects.

A vital pillar of the Cadmatic PLM solution is establishing a single source of truth for all ship data. Linking CAE, CAD, CAM and PDM systems significantly improves organization, management and contextualization and increases the level of digitization.

With the solution, companies benefit from higher overall quality and a reduction in the time and resources required for design and virtual prototyping. It improves modularization, flexible data management, the interaction between different teams and tools, and cyber security. It also provides efficient support for modern robotized fabrication and boosts integration with operational platforms.

CONTACT Elements combines long-term expertise from the automotive, high-tech, and consumer goods industries, as well as mechanical and plant engineering, medical technology, and logistics. Cadmatic solutions combine long-term expertise from the shipbuilding, offshore, power, process plant and construction industries. The bringing together of Cadmatic's extensive expertise in the development of ship design solutions and CONTACT's expertise and agile PDM technology will deliver the most innovative shipbuilding-specific PLM solution to the market.

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