Press realease - October 19, 2022

CONTACT establishes own research department

The CONTACT Research team has the mission to find solutions that contribute to sustainable social development. In its focus are digital innovations for the industrial processes of tomorrow.

CONTACT's industry expertise has been in demand for years in national and international research projects. As of today, eleven projects are underway in which the software company is working with partners to develop future-proof industrial solutions. The investment in a separate CONTACT Research department bundles research activities in the areas of product lifecycle management (PLM) and the Internet of Things (IoT) and underscores the importance of research at CONTACT Software.

The ecological, social, and political changes are challenging many industries to take greater account of species and climate protection, limited natural resources and also the increasing lack of skilled workers. This is especially true for the global manufacturing industry, which is under enormous pressure to transform. It must develop, produce, and operate products more sustainably, significantly reduce its CO2 emissions and, to this end, drive forward the digital transformation at a rapid pace.

CONTACT Software is therefore researching new methods and technologies that incorporate sustainability and the circular economy into companies' value creation. "We are leaning on initiatives such as the European Green Deal, Industry 5.0 or the National Hydrogen Strategy," says Lucas Kirsch, one of CONTACT Research's team leaders. "In this context, we derive focal areas in which we can achieve substantial benefits for the automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering, and public infrastructure through digitization and the use of AI."

CONTACT Research aims to provide impetus for proactively shaping the industry’s transformation and to identify practical paths to a sustainable future. To this end, the research team publishes scientific articles, studies, white papers, technical papers, and other information on individual projects on CONTACT's website to enable insights into its work.

"We know the real-world conditions in industry and share this knowledge with our customers, partners and the global research community so that new applications can be transferred into practice more quickly," says Dr. Patrick Müller, who is responsible for CONTACT's strategic innovation roadmap. Together with Frank Patz-Brockmann, Head of Development, and Dr. Udo Göbel, Head of Professional Services, he is part of the Research Board that guides the new department's organizational and technical direction.

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