Press release - August 17, 2022

The new ticket system of CONTACT Elements

CONTACT Software has added a ticket system for technical customer service to its low-code platform Elements. The new app makes service processes simpler, faster, and more efficient. It digitizes the entire processing from the customer inquiry to the solution and documents all processes.

The service business is an important source of revenue for many companies and contributes to greater sustainability - especially through Industry 4.0 solutions. Among others, IoT platforms help to reduce material and energy consumption with targeted modernization of production facilities and thus also CO2 emissions. Even in companies that do not have a smart service offering, end-to-end digitized handling processes in customer service pay off, as CONTACT Software shows with its new ticket solution.

Customers often contact a product manufacturer by e-mail or telephone to ask for improvements or when they have a problem. Particularly in the case of complex technical requests, different communication channels and IT systems make internal coordination, cooperation with the development department and rapid solution finding difficult. With CONTACT Tickets, companies now have an app that allows them to manage all service requests centrally and transparently in a CONTACT Elements instance.

CONTACT Tickets provides all information searchable in one place: from the problem description to the communication of all parties involved, till the closing of a ticket. Service teams can receive, evaluate, prioritize, and work on each request within the application. The entire process is transparently documented by the Audit Trail of the CONTACT Elements platform. From request to resolution, the Audit Trail logs all processes around a ticket so that no messages, added files, status changes, etc. get lost. Depending on the expertise required, it is possible to assign a ticket to a team or directly to a person for processing.

Companies can use CONTACT Tickets in an Elements for IoT instance on-prem and soon in the cloud. The solution is an ideal complement to CONTACT’s IoT module Customer Services. "Our ticket system also optimizes manufacturer service for customers who cannot or do not yet want to use IoT-driven offerings", emphasizes Dr. Jan Kickstein, CONTACT's deputy head of development.  

CONTACT Software is already using the application in-house and will activate it in a few weeks for its customer and partner portal Aloha, which is also based on the Elements platform. The new solution will be presented live at CONTACT Open World held on September 14-15. At the event, a leading supplier of industrial radio control systems will also report on its practical experience with the new ticket system.

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