Press release - February 16,  2022

Manthey relies on CONTACT Cloud for best performance in digitization

CONTACT Cloud offers the Porsche car tuner the flexibility and security it needs to digitize business processes fast and consistently. 

Increasing model and variant diversity, shorter production cycles and regulatory requirements are putting automotive manufacturers and suppliers under great pressure to transform. In order to react agilely to the growing requirements in the future and to implement product innovations and services more quickly, Manthey has opted for the cloud services of CONTACT Software. 

The company from Rhineland-Palatinate has around 250 employees and is owned 51 percent by Porsche AG. With high-quality products, it refines Porsche vehicles for racing and makes them more robust, reliable and durable. It also offers services in the field of vehicle bodywork, maintenance and deployment. Manthey is one of the world's most successful Porsche racing teams and has already won several races at the Nürburgring.

By using CIM Database PLM from the cloud, the company ensures end-to-end processes along the entire value chain. The company-wide integration of IT systems and business applications provides a consistent view for all stakeholders involved. Data can thus be managed more efficiently, change processes accelerated and all information synchronized in a highly automated manner in the ERP system such as SAP. As a result, Manthey improves collaboration from design to service to supply chain, reduces development costs and achieves faster go-to-market.

With CONTACT's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, Manthey also benefits from an ready-to-use, secure and scalable PLM solution that significantly reduces costs, time and IT efforts in the company. "With CONTACT Cloud Services, we can respond to new requirements at short notice while minimizing administrative effort. CIM Database offers us exactly the consistency and interface we need for this!" says Stefan Mages, Development Manager at Manthey.

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